Friday, September 11, 2009

X-Mini Capsule Speaker GT!

I have always wanted to get a cute and yet diminutive speaker for the laptop that I am using. So far my search has been in vain. Or maybe I'm just hard to please. Ha :D Finally I have found something close enough to what I want. Enter the X-Mini Capsule speaker GT! This little speaker has evolved and is not fortified with more features to gratify our needs. Music fans are in for a great time with this Mini! Woot! Woot! ;p

X-Mini Capsule Speaker II

This matte black baby offers a bigger 40mm driver to deliver more distinct highs for amazing sound clarity. Besides that it comes with BXS (Base Xpansion System) that is designed to drive a fuller, richer low-end response. The GT X-Mini provides users with better volume control by choosing for a dial control unlike its older sibling's 2-step switch. Well! This really helps a lot!

Plug it into your iPod!

X-Mini Capsule has a short 12cm cable that connects to your favourite music source such as Nokia mobile phone or iPod! Here's something that really intrigues me! Do you know that you can plug the X-Mini into other X-Mini to form an almost endless daisy chain of the MINIs and hence enabling them to pump up the volume? Who came up with this brilliant idea?

Chain it up baby!

In addition, its rechargeable battery (which charges via USB) can lasts 3 times longer than the first version, thus providing a marathon 12 hours of non-stop music play! Who says small speaker is a weakling? And yeah~this X-Mini II retails at an affordable price of RM129! For more details, click here.

I wanna buy this X-Mini Capsule!

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