Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My First Kitty Cat Shots

For this week's Wordlesser Wednesday, I would love to share 3 photos I snapped a few days ago. These are photos of a feline. I still remember that it was a little baby barely a month ago and now this cat has grown up! So here are my first Kitty Cat shots! :)

You see, it was sitting...lazily in front of my house. Coincidentally I had my wife's camera with me. Immediately I lashed it out and started to snap this cute little cat. It cat was a little perplexed with what I was doing. must be clueless with what I did aye. Then...out of the sudden...Mommy Cat meowed (called out) for her baby and off she went...


"What do you want?"

Wait...don't leave...

Hopefully I can snap more photos to share it with you guys! But first I have to brush up my photography skills. Anyway have a great Wordlesser Wednesday everyone. :)

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