Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Anti-Malaysia Sentiment In Facebook

Warning! This post certainly won't endear me to a lot of Indonesian! But I believe Malaysians have been unjustly insulted!

I was shocked! Utterly jolted with what I have experienced a few days ago. I have never thought this would have happened. Well....I did...but not in this manner. My encounter with "them" was really an unpleasant one. I was flabbergasted to know there are such people walking amongst us, or perhaps I was reluctant to admit their existence? I don't have the slightest idea what happened. Now everything is clearer...

They started it...

You see folks, on our last Independence Day (31st of August) which was a few days ago, I have joined our 1Malaysia group in Facebook. Thinking it was our Independence Day I had added a few friends from the 1Malaysia group. Ok! Of course everyone in the group is Malaysian right?....or so I thought! Then there was this lad from the 1Malaysia who started to chat with me. His name is Alexx Chemz. He asked me if I am from Indonesia and that he is from Jakarta. Huh? How come he is from Indonesia? I thought this is a 1Malaysia group? I was surprised but nonetheless I resumed my chat with him. And that was when all hell broke loose...

Does Indonesia really want this?

Then together with his other Indonesian comrades he started to bring in the "rain" and bombarded me with filthy words...don't worry I'll show you guys later! My...I tell you this is what they call cyber-bullying huh! LOL :D A few Indonesian youth tried to gang-bang me by lashing out their acid tongue at me, a Malaysian! Some even said they wanted war with Malaysia! What for? Well! Thank you. I guess the people in Indonesia are really patriotic huh!

Ouh...we have stolen THEIR culture?

They want war?

Thank you to these Indonesian!

Anti-Malaysia outbreak is very real in Indonesia!!! Apparently this anti-Malaysia sentiment started with the use of the Balinese "pendet" dance in the "Enigmatic Malaysia" promotion by the Discovery Channel. Despite an apology by the Discovery Channel to the Indonesian government that Malaysia was clearly not at fault, some sectors in the republic refused to accept the explanation. How very smart huh! Obviously some people are trying to find fault with Malaysia. And they are using the mistake made by the Discovery Channel (thank you) to assault Malaysia. These people are malice.

The dance that started the cold war!

And do you guys know they even have their very own Anti-Malaysia (Malingsia) Facebook page? OMG! I can't believe. How come Facebook allow such fansite? They mock us and insulted us, as if we have wronged them so much? Is this the country that Malaysia has been helping by providing them job opportunity and living? Is this the country we have helped by sheltering their illegal immigrants and provided them with food? Is this the country we have sent help and donation when they need us? How freaking ridiculous! Ouh yeah!

Anti-Malaysia Logo!

I wonder if Najib knew about it. What say you Karpal Singh? How about you Anwar? Can I hear it from you Nik Aziz? Somebody ought to punish A FEW of these ungrateful, uncivilised Indonesian!!! They are incited by some evil people trying to ruin the bilateral ties between Malaysia and Indonesia. Shouldn't the top guns of both countries say something about this?

I really, really hope everything will be ok again!

P.S.: I sincerely wanna apologise to fellow Indonesians who are not part of this idiotic anti-Malaysia group. But I really have to voice out for Malaysia. I believe you can feel the injustice made towards Malaysia too right? Again...sorry.