Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Helmet Was Stolen At Pasar Malam!

Yesterday evening, me and my dearest wife went to the pasar malam (night market) near our home to buy some food for dinner. After roaming for approximately 15 minutes, we decided to head home since we had already bought our favourite fried yong tau fu! Upon reaching the motorbike parking lots, I was dumbstruck. OIC! "Where on earth is your helmet dear?" I asked my wife. I shook my head and immediately I knew it was stolen. I can't believe it!

The strap...

Who on earth wanted to steal a RM50 helmet? Our helmets were locked and hence the culprit had to use a pair of scissors to cut off the helmet. I find it both ridiculous and incredulous as the crime was committed at broad day light with lots of eyes around. Too bad! Perhaps the thief is really good huh! Smooth and sneaky! I wonder if there were other unfortunate victims?

All that remains...

Thank goodness the criminal didn't steal both our helmet! Perhaps he still has a little conscious or maybe he just didn't have enough time to take both of the helmets. LOL :D We have no choice. I was not going to leave my wife there and return home to grab another helmet. So I asked my wife to put on the helmet and I rode her back with my head helmet-less! Luckily our home is only 1.5KM away. Thank goodness there were no police too. Ha :D


Strange...I am not really upset. In fact I feel really curious right now. Why would anyone wanna steal a cheap helmet? Could he sell it? Was this fella that desperate? Is he a drug addict? Or just some youth trying to have some "evil" fun? Anyway I hope this culprit will be caught one day. *Yawn* It's time for work. Have a great weekend everyone. :)

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