Sunday, September 13, 2009

Foongpc's Gift From Guilin

This post has really taken me a long, long time to complete huh! My apologise to Foongpc for this rather late post. But I wanted to find the perfect time and day to publish this special thank you post. As some of you may know, A few Weeks ago, Foongpc traveled hundred of miles to Guilin, China. Then while he was away, he held a contest on his blog. The person who was the top commenters will be rewarded with gift from Guilin. Only 3 lucky blogger could walk away with the promised prize. I tried my luck and in the end I came out top. Finally my stalking paid off! LOL :D

What's inside of it?

I received a surprise package from Foong a week (I thing so) after I was announced the winner for his competition. It came in a typical brown envelope. I was so happy to receive my prize from Foong. Finally. So today I'm gonna share with you guys my Mini Mahjong Set, courtesy of Foongpc. All the way from Guilin You know. Don't play, play ok! Are you ready folks?

There's a letter!

Ofcourse Foong enclosed a letter written by him. War...he added a lot of personal touch huh! His handwriting is terrible huh! Just kidding. LOL :D Well, this mahjong set looks small right? That's why it is called Mini~lor. Again thank you to Foong for his generosity.

Thank you Foong!

Actually if you notice the Chinese Character on the cover, it means "vacation" mahjong set. Yupe! This mahjong set is meant for travelling aroun. Very ideal for those mahjong addicts who can't leave without it. So this is a portable mhjong set. :)

Behold, the "vacation" mahjong set!

Very mini aye?

Well, I just wanna thank Foong for his gift. Looks like now I can play Mahjong with my daddy, bro and wifey! I just hope that we won't turn into addicts ourselves. But first, we have to get a new mahjong table. LOL :D

Thank you Foong!

~First Commenter~