Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

Do you feel lonely sometimes? You feel so isolated...like a helpless outcast on an island? Or you might go as far to say that you have been forsaken? Things sometimes happens beyond our control and comprehension right? No one can escape this terrible feeling, the hollowness that rides inside of us. Sometimes you might not be alone but yet the loneliness that you feel is too acute! You feel like a forlorn figure in the midst of all the people around you. You feel so lifeless...

For this week's Music Monday (I know it is Tuesday~lar! ;p), I had selected BSB's Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely. This is yet another of their great hit. I love this song very much. It got that feeling that really weave the loneliness into me. Now...let them show you the meaning of being lonely...

Now you know the meaning of lonely? Ha :D Ok folks! I hope you guys enjoy this number from BSB! Gotta go now. Back to my paperwork. :)

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