Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My 1st Nuffnang Cheque!

My wait is finally over! This is it. After waiting for approximately 2 months, my first Nuffnang cheque had made its way into my mail box. Wow! The wait was excruciating. Nope! Not that I need the money (besides my earning is so low), but it was because I wanna experience it myself if Nuffnang will really pay. Guess they are really a reliable company aye. Not like the other one. :p So I hereby would like to endorse to all Malaysian bloggers that Nuffnang pays! So if you are currently serving Nuffnang ads, worry not ya!

Aiyah~just RM5o! Nothing to shout about.

After serving Nuffnang Ads for approximately 6 months, I finally managed to hit the RM50 mark. Haha :D I know! I know! Don't laugh at me ok. I know I took a long time (6 months) to earn my first cheque with Nuffnang, which is really shameful right? A lot of you managed to earn this with just one month right? Some even earned hundreds to thousands per month. Awesome right? Too bad...I'm just not that good. :(

Here's the cheque!

I admit I do pretty badly with Nuffnang Ad. I think I performed way, way better with other advertising company (Adsense etc.)! Perhaps I didn't have many blogger friends who click on my ads? After all Nuffnang serve graphical ads and not search targeted ads. All in all, it boils down to the fact that my blog sucks. Nonetheless I really appreciate Nuffnang for giving me my first cheque! Thank You Nuffnang. :)

From Nuffnang...

Phew! The check is here! Finally! It is time for me to move on with my next plan! :p Muahahaaha :D