Wednesday, September 16, 2009

30 National Geographic Pictures of The Year 2009?

I have always love Wednesday! Why? Because I get to share with you guys tonnes beautiful pictures and I don't have to write too much. Besides I believe a lot of you hate to read long, long post huh. Anyway here are 30 pictures I received from my friend via email. Yupe! These are claimed to be National Geographic pictures of the year. Perhaps some of you have read it. But there is not harm viewing these amazing pictures again right? Some of them are really gorgeous, so much so I can't stop thinking about it. I even wanted to print it out. Gosh! Nature is so beautiful!

Let's share...

Since they are 30 stunning pictures...which I won't be putting up all together, I decided to pick my favourite five and compiled the rest into a Flickr slideshow. So here are the pictures to let yet you start your day with Tekkaus! Are you ready to be amazed? :)

The leave and the Caterpillar...

Sunset with love

Alluring Aurora?

Where is this?

Happy feet. :)

Well that is my Top 5! Do you find them breathtaking? The scenery is so out of this world. Is such place even existed? The wonder of this world right? Well folks, don't forget to view the whole collection of (30) photos in the Flickr Slideshow (below) ok! Save it and make it as your desktop wallpaper if you are mesmerized by them, just like me...

Well! I hope you guys enjoyed the photos ya. It's time to work. I gotta get ready. Have a nice day folks. :) And Yeah! Today is Malaysia day (16th of September), so Happy Birthday Malaysia! :)

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