Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Line 7 Shoes!

Our forefathers can walk barefooted to carry out all sorts of their daily activities right? Imagine back then, everyone doesn't need to hook up a pair of shoes to walk around. No need to tie your shoelace, no need to wash your shoes and definitely no need to polish it! A great example are the hobbits in the movie LOTR! Then again their feet are pretty thick back then. Ha :D These days, we can't walk around shoeless anymore. Why? Because we might get injured...the eggs of tape worm could penetrate through our feet and grow in our body etc.!

No shoes, no problemo!

So shoes are indeed important right? A lot of us have different shoes to cater to our different daily activities. For example, you slip into your Nike basketball shoes if you want to slam some balls; you put on your shiny, black leather shoes when you are off to work; and you show off your green Croc while strolling around in the park with your pet dog! Different shoes for different occasion right? Likewise, I only have a pair of shoes for all virtually everything I do!

Ta~da! My Line 7 Shoe!

Enter my Line 7 all-in-one shoes! Although it is neither Adidas nor Nike, I still love it very much! Unlike a lot of you who have different shoes, I only have this baby of mine to accompany me to everywhere I go. I use it to play basketball, jogging, badminton, playing futsal, working, traveling and dating (with my wife)! You see how omnipotent it is! Then again you can say that I'm stingy or poverty stricken! LOL :D

My "Omnipotent" companian!

Do you guys know why I am so attracted to this brand, and not Nike, Reebok or Adidas? is because of the No. 7! Yes! I love number Seven very much and that's why I love shoes from Line 7! Actually this shoes of mine is meant for badminton...but heck, to me it is very special shoes that follows me wherever I go! I bought for only RM59.90 and it has lasted about 7 months now. Sounds like a pretty good bargain for me since it is a multipurpose shoes! :D

Don't you just love the "7"?

So how about you guys? How many pair of shoes do you have? Do you have different shoes for different activities? Mind sharing with us the brand too? LOL :p Have a nice day folks. Take care of your shoes ya.