Thursday, September 24, 2009

Green Batteries

Wouldn't it great if one day we could simply use leaves to fuel our gadgets, machines and cars? Let's say we can use our the leaves in our yard to power our camera instead of using disposable AA batteries? Do you think it is possible for us to harness the power of nature to power up our devices? Sounds a little far fetched aye? But I believe we are almost there. Maybe one day we don't need any fossil fuels or batteries for our cars or laptop? Can our lives be "green-alized"?

Can we use leaves?

That technology is not here yet but we can still do our part to save earth right? I'm sure a lot of us are shutterbugs! And nowadays virtually anyone have a digital camera. But not every camera comes with rechargeable batteries right? Hence instead of kept on buying disposable batteries, we should get ourselves "green" batteries right? In other words, rechargeable lar! :)

Ta~da! My rechargeable batteries!

Still remember my bulky Olympus Camedia? does not come with rechargeable batteries, so I got myself a pair of rechargeable Energizer AA Batteries! My camera is very power hungry, hence these batteries are cut out to do the job! They are 2500mAh AA batteries, hence the juice won't run out that fast compared to ordinary batteries! Yay :D

I also bought the AAA batteries for my dad's mp3!

With this rechargeable batteries I can now snap more photos using my Olympus Camedia and save a lot of money too. Moreover I'm also doing my part to conserve nature with these eco-friendly babies! But...the downside is...the batteries and charger set me back by RM100++! It's ok, at least I am using green batteries right now. :)

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