Friday, September 25, 2009

Last Glittering Day In Innit

My glittering days as a Nuffnanger is over! I bet today will be my last day as a Glitterati! As you guys know I have put on Nuffnang's Ads in my blog to show my support for our homegrown online advertising company! But after testing it for 9 months, I decided to call it a day. No, I am not quiting Nuffnang! It's just that I am not going to be their so-called exclusive member anymore. Yes, in Nuffnang you can choose to be the ordinary (underprivileged) member or the more fancied Glitterati! I don't mind being a normal Nuffnanger. :)

So what's the difference between the normal member and the more snazzy Glitterati? Not much I can tell you that. Unless you are very, very POPULAR! If you are a normal member, your earning will be 20%-50% lower than the Glitterati! Besides that a normal Nuffnanger will not be eligible for advertorial opportunities and no priority will be given for selection of CPUV Ads. Plus you need to wait 2 months to get your cheque. All in all your earning will be lower than the Glitterati! Suck big time aye.

But worry not. There are tonnes of other ways where we can earn extra cash. My Adsense earning alone is almost 10 times better than what I have made in Nuffnang! And not taking into account my other streams of earning. Still remember back then I had some issues with Nuffnang? I accused Nuffnang of being Kiasu? Ha :D Actually it was about the Glitterati status. Then the very next day they called me to clarify the conflicts. Ok I don't wanna make this post too draggy!

The Ugly Side of Nuffnang

As mentioned earlier I put up Nuffnang Ads to support our very own local ads company! But what I hate about Nuffnang is that....they seems to reward popular bloggers more! Ok, this is an assumption but not a baseless one! I have checked the stats, unique visitors and ranking of certain blogs and they managed to generate a few thousand ringgit using Nuffnang although their unique visitors are just so so! Besides that, Nuffnang Ads are pretty limited compared to Adsense which is more diverse. So how much CLICK could those blogs have?

Some of the blogs are stuffed with nothing but photos and yet they could churn out lots of money from Nuffnang! So what seems to be the problem here? Content is not king huh! This is certainly unfair for those who are devoted to Nuffnang gullible-ly believe they could earn big bucks from Nuffnang! IMHO, Nuffnang Ads are not content-targeted! So if you really wanna earn big money from Nuffnang, make sure you are very, very famous and that you always join their so-called "parties"! Even their "featured blogger" is only reserved to those famous blogger or those who seems to have connection with them. So if you don't join their parties or be part of their so-called "clique"'d better be gone now!

And another perk for using Nuffnang is that you get to use their Innit! Then have to be either famous or very popular and pally with the other Glitteratis or else this Innit will just be another White Elephant to you. Back then I wanted to be a Glitterati because of their Innit, now I realised...I suck! Ha :D Unlike the others...I can't always mingle around and ask people to Nang (similar to Digg) my post and better still click on my ads! Now look at Adsense, do they have something similar to Innit? No, they don't. Innit is actually a brilliant idea from Nuffnang but they are actually segregating the other bloggers and this will cause adverse effect on Nuffnang in the long run!


After bashing (sort of) Nuffnang, I decided to write something good about them. Ha :D Actually Nuffnang is a good local online advertising company! They are very responsive and most importantly they pay! Besides the ads they showed are attractive. And that's the reason why I add Nuffnang into my blog. For decoration purposes. Ha :D So far they are the best local online advertising but I'm sure they don't appeal to all. But I hope Nuffnang can try not to engage in more activities that encourage double standards or in other words discrimination!

Then again....maybe I am just a lousy blogger. *sob* :( That's all from me. Phew! What a long post. So I think this is my last post submission in Innit! I can see that I am not glittering anymore. LOL :D But I will still be a normal Nuffnanger! :) Good bye folks!

P.S.: I wonder if Nuffnang will call me again just like the other day! :p