Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Music Can Kill You!

That's right. Music can kill you! Now how startling is that! I'm sure we have read and heard that Music can heal our souls right? It can but not all music can have the same soothing effect. In fact, some of the music you bought from your iTune could cause you more harm than good! Worse comes to worst, you might be doomed by some of these tunes. So don't take your chances, don't let music kills you! I'm serious! :(

Is your music a threat to you?

So pay attention to what you stuff into your ears. The wrong music that beats through your eardrums could wreak havoc in your body. Do you know that the researchers from University of maryland discovered that wrong music could terribly hurt your heart? They found out that the blood vessels of people subjected to songs they didn't like constricted by 6% in just 30 minutes. Likewise, listeners who grooved to their personal favourite playlists saw their blood vessels expand by 26%! cute! They are listening to Mozart? :p

That means those who saw their blood vessels expand are actually benefiting from "good" music! That means their bodies were pumping out more nitric oxide, a chemical that helps prevent the clots that can lead to a heart attack! So if you were tuning to "bad, noisy" music, you might suffer from cardiac arrest! You have been warned!

Anyway here's a song from Susan Boyle. Still remember her? Hereby I would love to share her latest song called Wild Horses. I have heard it several time. The song is very soulful and it shows how good she can sing. And I'm sure this song will heal your soul! :)

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