Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Black Eyed Peas' The E.N.D (+Free Downloads)

I have bought Black Eyed Peas' latest album-THE END! What a title huh! This means Black Eyed Peas (BEP) is not going to roll out any more album in the future? This is it? THE END? Nope! Don't get the title wrong. At first I was perplexed too. How come they wanted to use this title for their album? I only found out that E.N.D denotes Energy Never Dies later! What an acronyms huh! I'm sure the BEP would wanna scale greater heights and hit more milestone with this album! And I'm sure they have the undying "energy" to do so! :)

I wanted to have BEP's The End after I heard them performing in the American Idol's! I thought the song-Boom Boom Pow is brilliant! The catchy tune will make you beat your head and sing along! I must say that it is one very, very infectious tune! Why? Because my colleagues have been singing it day and day out. I bought the ORIGINAL version of the the album! There are two versions of the BEP's latest album! The Malaysian Version cost only RM29 while the international will set you back another RM50! Of course I picked the former. Ha :D

See! I bought original!

A lot of people thought that BEP will be a fluke! That these foursome group will sink! But they were wrong. Now BEP's 4th album-The End is riding high in International charts! After all these are the people who brought us Where's The Love right? Besides Boom Boom Pow, another notable track is I Gotta Feeling! That's all from me. You can download and listen to it yourself and decide if THE END is good enough to be in your iPod!

The E.N.D (Energy Never Dies)
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Then again, if you feel sorry for listening to pirated music...if you feel that you are a staunch supporter of BEP, you can always purchase the original album. Moreover they are coming to Malaysia soon! So I buy the original album to show them your support! I have bought my original The END, how about you? Ha :D

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