Sunday, September 6, 2009

Buy Backpack & Get 10K PA?

A few days I went to Tesco to pick a new backpack for my wife. Hers was in a sorry-condition already. There were holes here and there. Hence I decided to get a new one for her. After I fetched my wife back to work that day, I stopped at Tesco. I was hunting high and low, searching for the perfect back for my wife. It had to be girly colour (pink, purple etc), comfortable and tough (reliable)! I scouted for awhile and finally laid my eyes on one of the bags. I thought, "Wife will love it!" And off I headed to the counter with the backpack...

Blue Mountain!

Wife came back that afternoon and she was surprised to have a new pinkish backpack. After a while, I discovered something that gave me a shock. It was a letter. Why would there be a letter in that backpack. I opened it and was taken aback that I have obtained a free one year Personal Accident Coverage RM10,000 for the purchase of Blue Mountain bag. Wow! I have never ever came across such "offering" before. Have you?

10K PA?

Not bad huh? I spent RM50 for the bag and I got a free PA worth 10k? So I happily completed the form and I am waiting for my Certificate of Insurance. LOL :D Let's see if it was for real shall we? Now...where is my stamp?

Nice or not?

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