Monday, September 7, 2009

Come Paint My Love!

Last week I somehow missed Music Monday, hence this week I'm gonna make it up to all of you by sharing MLTR's (Michael Learns To Rock) Paint My Love. Ok! Last week was pretty hectic for me. There were so many things to do but so little time to complete it. This is what happened to you when you enter the working-sphere! This week gonna be an equally busy week for me, but I vowed to post this by waking up earlier. *Yawn* I'm still sleepy. I wish I can catch some sleep later.

No! No! It is not because of this...

Talking about MLTR! They gotta be one of my favourite bands of all time. IMHO, they rank higher than BSB or any other bands that out there. Even the Jonas brothers need to learn a lot from this legendary band. I heard that their concert here in Malaysia has been cancelled. I can't believe it, what a pity! This Danish band (yep, they are from Denmark) was formed in 1988 and has sold more than 9 million records worldwide. Their soft rock songs....err....ROCKS!!! :p

Still remember who is the lead singer?

Paint My Love is one of my favourite songs by the band. Ok, actually almost all of their songs are great and melodious. But today I wanna share with you guys Paint My Love. A lot has been happening around the world lately. Perhaps it was due to lack of love? So let MLTR Paint Our Love shall we?

It is time for me to work folks. Gosh! Have a great Monday ok. And don't forget to paint your life with love ya. :)

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