Friday, September 4, 2009

7 Movies To Watch During Hungry Ghost Month!

Yesterday was our Lunar Calender's 15th of July, which officially marks the mid of our Hungry Ghost Festival. For those in Malaysia, I'm sure you notice a lot people offering their prayers right? There were large joss stick burning everywhere; "money" were burnt for the death; plenty of foods were offered for them to feast. It is obvious that Hungry Ghost Festival is quite important amongst the Chinese right? Or in other words...we were afraid of them? And we did all these to appease them?

I am a big fan of horror movies and ghost movies are certainly my favourite dish of "meal". Yum! Yum! And I love to watch ghost movies alone after midnight with the headphone hooked on my head. The whole experience is very exciting especially during the Hungry Ghost Festival. could feel as if they were standing just right beside you...Don't believe me? Perhaps you could try. I dare you. Haha :D

So here are the 7 Movies:

1~The Maid
This is a great movie for you to know more about the Hungry Ghost Month. A must watch if you want to know why we are celebrating the temporary release of ghost! It is a Singaporean horror movie which depicts the story of a Philippines maid who is employed by a family with lots of dark secrets. You'll be shocked to know the truth!


2~The Shutter
Undeniably one of the best horror movies I have ever seen in my entire life. My standing ovation for this movie. But remember to watch the 2004 Thai version ok! After watching this, you shutterbugs might have a second thought about photography. The movie is not only creepy and well will get a jerky twist at the end of the movie. you have should ache?


Another great movie from the Thai Horror house. One of my favourite ghost movie. This 2007 Thai horror movie narrates a story of a conjoined twins. The curtain raiser alone is enough to make you have lingering nigthmare for weeks. You'd better not watch this movie alone or else! Watch out for the ceiling fan...


4~Coming Soon
Another Thai horror flick (the Thais are really good) that will ensure you have sleepless nights...or at'll be afraid of the cinema. Want to know how pirated movies are made? Here's a good start for you. But make sure you don't watch the midnight movies ok. If might get lost in the cinema...


5~The Exorcist
The mother of all horror movies, this 1973 all-time best selling (most profitable) movie was adapted from a novel which tells a story of a mother's desperate attempts to regain her daughter who was possessed by the demon. Some of the scenes were truly it for yourself! Make sure you are not watching this with your children.


6~Exorcism of Emily Rose
Watched this movie at least 7 times. Do you know this movie based on a true story of Anneliese Michel. I can use two words to describe this movie: Touching & Horrifying. This flashback guided movie depicts trial of a priest who try to perform exorcism but he failed. In the end, he was accused of negligent homicide. Watch this and you'll believe the existence of God and Satan!


7~Out of The Dark (回魂夜)
Ha :D Some of you might be wondering why I pick this 1995 movie. Wow! 15 years ago? For Stephen Chow's fans, you know this is a rather hilarious horror movie. But it does has its hair-raising moment. Be wary of the red-dress woman. She is watching you....

~~~~~~~ you have any other horror movies to share with us? I'm sure there are tonnes of them out there. So let us know what is the scarriest horror movie you have ever watched. Be careful with you answer...Muahahaha :D

P.S.: Guys! I'm sorry there are 2 video which are slightly larger than what I wanted. Sorry. ;)

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