Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Best Anti-Smoking Video Yet!

I wanna thank our friend Suituapui, who discovered this video in Youtube. I tried to locate it but to no avail. Frankly speaking I have always thought that the anti-smoking campaign in Malaysia was a flop. Why? Because they just didn't get the message across. BUT...their latest attempt must be the best I have ever seen in my entire life. This video depicts how smoking can literally destroy our lives. A very touching videos sprinkled with a few different stories all intertwined together to remind us the hazard of smoking!


I have always hate people who smoke! Well...not all smokers but most of them of course. Some smokers are downright selfish. Why? Because they don't bother if they are puffing in the public areas or not. Nonchalantly these idiots will just pull a cigarette out and started to gratify their addiction for nicotine in front of us. I face this kind of situation a lot, especially in coffee shops and restaurant. At times I feel like strangling them!

Feel like slapping these smokers!

Ok, let's get back to the video. What's so special about it? IMHO, this videos is really good. It manage to instill fear and at the same time reminds us how precious life is. Life is indeed fragile right? We are no immortals and smoking will just shorten our lives sooner. There are 3 main scenarios in the video. Each with its own stories and fates but were caused by the same evil-smoking!

Baby...Daddy is sorry...

The first scenario shows a man lying on the bed with breathing aid attached to him. Maybe he is suffering from terminal lung cancer. The man kept on apologising to his wife and to his unborn baby. OMG! My heart sink.

Do you want this to happen to you?

Then the second part of the video presents a smoker mum who has mouth cancer (maybe, I'm not sure) trying to express her love to her son. But her son was reluctant to look into his mum's eyes let alone approach her. What a heart wrenching scene! Tears welled in my eyes...

Are you ready to lose your leg?

Then the final part of the video relates a smoker who has his right leg amputated. Perhaps he has diabetic and smoking simply aggravates his illness. He felt so distraught but it was too late for him to feel sorry for himself.

So here's the video...

I hope you smokers out there are watching this video. Yeah! Yeah! Some of you thought you are so damn lucky and this will never happen to you, blah! blah! blah! Are you sure? What if your luck runs out? Are you ready to have lung cancer? Mouth cancer? Or slightly better...your limbs amputated? Are you ready? It is never too late to stop. Think about your family. You are not only killing yourself but them too. Don't let regret be the last thing in your mind.

Remember this!

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