Monday, August 17, 2009

Usher-You Got It Bad!

In response to Mariuca's MM selection which is Burn, I decided to pick Usher's other hit single. And suddenly a tune is playing in my mind. It was one of Usher's bottest hit back then. I used to sing to this tune like every fact nowadays I still hum it on and off while riding my Black Horsy. My favourite Usher tune is You Got It Bad! I love the way the song is arranged. Very catchy and yet very meaningful at the same time. Toss in Usher's unique voice and voila you get this infectious You Got It Bad! Or at least in infected me. Ha :D

Why it is called 8071?

You Got It Bad was released in 2001 and it topped the Billboard 100 for 6 weeks. Quite an achievement huh. This single was one of the hits in his 8701 album which has been certified 4-time Platinum in the United States. Wow! Ok! I don't wanna waste anymore time! I wanna prove to you how good is You Got It Bad! Hit it!

So did you got it bad? I did. I got it so BAD today! Ok! I wanna rest right now. Pulled my left hamstring while sprinting just now. My bad! Didn't do enough strecthing. :/

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