Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wife's Chickuteh & Yam Rice!

Last Sunday, dearest wife decided to cook something different for our lunch. She wanted to prepare a special dish for us. Wife knows that I love to eat Bakuteh but...Daddy don't consume pork. I was a little disappointed back then..but wife said, "Why don't we cook Chickuteh?" Why not? After all, what I love about Bakuteh is the herbal soup. My beloved wife wanted me to rest and that was why she insisted on cooking the whole meal all by herself. I reluctantly agreed. But then, I could see that wife was really enjoying it. Ha :D

Don't forget the herbs ok!

First thing first wife prepared the required ingredients. seen in the picture...on the table, we had chicken meat, button mushrooms, tiny dried prawn, big "black mushrooms" (I don't know how to describe it. :P), onions, garlics, cube-chopped yams, some chillies, anchovies and the Chickuteh Herbs & Spices Mix! Wow! So many raw ingredients needed? Well...nothing worthwhile come easily right? Or in this case, no yummy meals can be prepared in a wink. *wink* ;)

Make sure you boil it long enough ya.

Wife boiled the 2 sachets of Claypot Brand's Chickuteh Herbs & Spices Mix. After approximately 15 minutes, the mushrooms were added and boiled together with the herbs & spices. 5 minutes later, it was the chicken meats' turn to be boiled. Then leave them for about 1 and a half hour. Let them boil! Boil! Muahahaha :D Ok, now what?

Yam rice, here we come!'s time to prepare the yam rice. Firstly heat some oil and stir fry some tiny dried prawns, ring onions and minced garlic. Wife fried these mixture for a while until it gave out an aromatic fragrance. Aww....can you smell it? Then wife added the cubic yams and stir fried it for a while (not too long). And finally it was the main ingredients' turn. Guess what wife did? Wife poured in the uncooked rice (beras in Malay Language) and fried it together with the mixture (dried prawn+onions+garlic+yam). Huh? But that was what wife did. Fried the fusion for a while and immediately transfer it into your rice cooker. Don't forget to add some water ok!

More pictures of yam rice preparation!

Wife's next dish was spicy anchovies with onions. This dish is easier to prepare compared to the former. Heat some oil and stir fry the onions until it emits fragrance. Add the anchovies and chillies in and FRY! FRY! FRY! Ha :D

Hot & Spicy Anchovies! My Fav!

Ok! The Chickuteh was ready! The yam rice was cooked and the spicy anchovies were lying yummy-ly on the plate. What else? It's time to feast. OMG! All 3 dishes are super appetizing. Guess what? This was also wife's first attempt on cooking Chickuteh! Anyway I wanna thank my wife for taking all the hassle to cook these delectable dishes for us. Thank you wife. Muack :-X

Daddy said, "Hochiak ler!"

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