Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank You My Dear Brother For The KL Trip!

Yes! I wanna thank my dearest, one and only Brother for making this KL trip possible. Without his planning, we wouldn't be able to walk through the tunnel awed by the gargantuan stingrays; If not for his preparation, we wouldn't have the chance to taste Manhattan Fish Market's delights; If not forethought, we could not feast on the glorious cuisines at Jalan Alor. Of course this trip also enabled me to witness the road protest with my very own eyes. And most importantly, thank you for making Daddy happy! Ha :D

My handsome Bro & Daddy!

So if you were lost this few days or you happened to lost my blog address...fret not. Here's a recap of what I have been blogging about the KL Trip. There are 5 posts in total. Don't miss any of it ok. All 5ive posts are published and arranged in chronological orders. Feel free to drop me your comments (the more the merrier) if you haven't ok! Click on the pictures or links yeah. :)

So how do you find all 5 of the posts? Did they beat away your Monday Blues? Hopefully you had a great read. Enjoy yourselves and have a Happy Monday to all of you. *wink* ;)

Have a nice day! :D

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