Sunday, August 9, 2009

Feeding Frenzy At Jalan Alor!

After swimming with the giant rays and sharks...we were quite exhausted. So after taking our showers, we headed to our next landing place which happened to be somewhere near Jalan Bukit Bintang. Yep! Jalan Bukit Bintang is like one of the most happening place in KL. It is a must-visit place in you are in KL. Once we were there, we began to scout for the illustrious food heaven in KL. Bro who has been in KL for 3 years navigated us to the fabled Jalan Alor! Yeah! A nirvana for those who like to gladden their ravenousness.

Jalan Bukit Bintang

This was dad and wife's first visit to Jalan Alor. OMG! I can't believe it. There were so many people along the road. So crowded was the place that cars could hardly move. No one really cared. The only thing that matters to them is food. Ha :D There are so many restaurants which offer delicious foods for you to choose from. A plethora of mouth-watering cuisines waiting to be devoured by you. We wanted to try the foods in one of the restaurants, but Bro insisted that we should go right to the end of the road if we want to taste the REAL food!

We were here!

So we followed Bro and walked to the end of the road and arrived at a restaurant called W.A.W Restaurant Sdn. Bhd. (黄亚华小食店). Bro said this is one of the best place to have our dinner. Hmm....from the outside it looked pretty normal to me. Nothing fancy. But I believe in Bro, who is an avid eater himself. We got ourselves seated and Bro put in all the orders. The restaurant is air-conditioned which is quite cozy.

Don't miss it!

In a zip, our dishes were ready. We ordered 5 different dishes to satiate our tummy! The first order that made its way onto our table was the legendary chicken wings. Ha :D Bro said it was the best in Jalan Alor. Up next, we helped ourselves to the mouth-watering giant baked prawns, flavourful vegetables, luscious onion chicken and 2 plates of spicy stingrays. All 5 dishes were simply scrumptious. So next time around, make sure you visit this restaurant to whet your appetite ok!

Chicken wings.

Succulent prawns.

Leafy vege.

Finger-licking chicken!

Hot & spicy stingray!

Again I wanna thank Bro for treating us. The whole meals cost him Rm150. After the dinner, we went back to the hotel and wacth Pathfinder together. I know Daddy was very happy that day. Look! He was happy munching away. LOL :D


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