Sunday, August 9, 2009

KLCC Aquaria-Up Close & Personal

Yes! After satiating our appetite with Manhattan Fish Market's yummy-licious meals, we embarked on our next destination. Our next port of call is still confined in KLCC itself. It is none other that KLCC's exalted Aquaria. I have been to KLCC countless time but never had I set foot in it. So this visit was just perfect for the 4 of us especially dad who has always been an avid fans of wildlife. After Bro paid for the tickets, off we entered the underwater world. I'm so exited with this journey for I love fishes too! But before that I must warn you that this post is full of photos and a few videos. Are you ready? Here we go. :D

I'm like a little kid huh!

The first thing you'll notice is the Piranhas' Tank. There are hundreds of them in it. I wonder what will happen if I were in the tank. Then you will notice there were a few tanks for you to "interact" with the marine animals. Dad, wife and I took the opportunity to touch the gentle little shark. But this was not the first time I feel them with my bare hands. Before this, I used to dissect them back in the lab. Ha :D

We were allowed to touch this cute little shark!

Then we ventured into the freshwater territory. Here you will be able to catch a glimpse of electric cat fish, elephant-nose fish, lung fish just to name a few. A lot of the fishes here a quite rare. So don't miss it and take your time to enjoy your walk ok. Up next, we browse through the collection of reptiles and tarantulas paraded in the small aquariums.

Aww...the gorgeous Iguana!

A myriad of reptiles can be seen here. From plump frogs to the exotic snapping alligator turtle, you'll be amazed to witness them with your own eyes. There are also lots of tarantulas and geckos to gratify your viewing pleasure. Not to mention your lust to snap! There are simply to many of them for me to capture. My juice of my camera was running out! Haih :'(

After snapping away happily, we walked down the flight of steps to the other part of Aquaria. Enter the real Marine Park of Aquaria. We were ushered by a huge cylinder tank with an elegant tree in it. Plus there are hundreds of fishes swimming gracefully in the awesome tank.

I love this aquarium. :D

Later we were in for another gargantuan surprise. Actually 4 colossal surprises to be precise. There we were, standing in front of the fabled Arapaima Gigas, the largest freshwater fish on earth. They were swimming so gracefully in their dominion. So serene and so decorous. It's a privilege to watch them.

Don't eat me Arapaima!

The timing of our arrival couldn't be any better as there was a staff feeding these giants. How remarkable! How I wish I could rear this "Dragons" in my very own backyard? In my dreams right? But well..maybe I could. How knows right? Ha :D

Afterwards, we helped ourselves to where all the REAL marine animals were. There are several small sharks and stingrays sliding in the huge open aquarium. Guess what? We even had the chance to watch the zygotes of the sharks in its eggs. How so cute. But wait till they grow bigger...

Cute little shark eggs.

Next, we braced through Aquaria's signature 90-metres long walk-through tunnel. OMG! The sight of hawksbill turtle gliding pass us was really bewildering. The sheer size of the gargantuan stingray treading around us...truly breathtaking. What more can I say?

To watch more videos, click HERE, HERE & HERE.

Do you know that Aquaria was desgined by New Zealand specialists? Aquaria covers 60,000 square feet of KLCC. Hmm..makes me wonder how they manage to set up the whole thing under such brilliant shopping complex. Kudos to them! I'm glad that I had finally visited Aquaria. We all had a great time in Aquaria I must say.

Dad was so happy to be able to watch his dream turned into reality. After spending up to 3 hours in the mammoth aquairum, we decided to call it a day. Obviously dad was really happy, we could see the glow in his face. Ha :D So thanks to Bro making this possible. Hopefully you guys don't find this post a tad toooooooo long ok. :p

Dear Daddy was si happy! ;D

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