Friday, August 7, 2009

Lunch At Manhattan Fish Market KLCC

Last Saturday when we first reached Kuala Lumpur, our stomachs were drumming like crazy. No thanks to the obtuse protesters. We were so hungry that we barely can move (just kidding). At that moment, the feeling of being "famised" is beyond our endurance. Ha :D So when we decided to "mend" our stomach at Manhattan Fish Market (MFM). Daddy, wife and I had never tried the fishes from MFM before. One of the reasons is because there is none in Malacca. So we were more than happy to let our taste buds do the talking!

But before we go any further, don't mistaken Manhattan Fish Market to be associated with the Manhattan city in New York. Manhattan Fish Market is actually from Malaysia. It is a locally breed company. Heck, are you surprised to know this? MFM is actually owned by Revenue Valley Sdn. Bhd. which set up its very first Manhattan Fish Market in Midvalley in 2002. It is believed that MFM is derived from the fabled Fulton Market (oldest and largest fish market in Manhattan) established since 1822. The Malaysian chain has a lot in common with the former namely in terms of the top-notch quality and freshness of its seafood. This I agree whole-heartedly after tasting their meals.

When we reached the restaurant, it was very crowded. There were so many people but the space provided is too small, I would say. Even the tables are small. Bro said that the MFM in Midvalley and Sogo is bigger! Perhaps the rental in KLCC is too darn expensive. We browse through the menu and discovered there were simply too many foods for us to try. We were at our wits' end trying to decide what to order? Everything in the menu is equally appealing. In the end we ordered 2 dishes. While waiting for our orders, I happily snapped around with many eyeballs gazing at me. Ha :D

After that, Bro asked the waiter if they had any garlic butter sauce (I wonder if I had named it correctly) on that day. He said the specially made sauce which is mixed with parsley is highly delectable and will make the other meals more appetizing and piquant. And MSM will only offer this exquisite sauce when you request for it. The sauce is absolutely FREE. So remember to request for it on your next visit ok.

Finally our fishes "swam" its way onto our table. The first dish arrived was picked by me. Since I love fish & chips, I ordered Manhattan Fish & Chips which was of Pacific Dory fillet. The portion is quite big and the Dory fish is surprisingly tender. Aww...the moment I sink my teeth into it I knew this would be the best Fish and Chips I have ever tried. Even the chips tasted so good and different! OMG! Why? Why it was so damn deeeeeeelicious?

A moment later, our main dish finally "landed" on our tiny table. The huge serving certainly dwarf the Dory I ordered. The main dish was picked by my brother. It was the Fishermen's Giant Fried Platter. The whole portion was really colossal. Ouh my God! You should see it (if you haven't) with your own eyes! The golden-brown juicy mushrooms were so crunchy that you can't stopped your urge for another one. The prawns are simply tantalizing and the calamari tasted so damn fabulously palatable. Besides the usual chips, this Giant Fried Platter also includes the amazingly savoury garlic rice. This was the my maiden encounter with such rice. I can't believe the rice was so ambrosian! Yuuuuuuuummmmy! :p

I must say that my first encounter with Manhattan Fish Market was really, darn great. Aside from the small space, everything else is almost flawless. The environment is inviting, the ambiance is cosy and more importantly the foods are fresh and heavenly. What more can I say? Hereby, I would love to endorse (who am I? Hahaha) Manhattan Fish Market as the No. 1 fish and chips restaurant in Malaysia! Yay! :D

Thank you to my bro for treating us. The meals costed him RM150! Ha :D After satiating our huge appetite, we decided to embark to our next destination. Can you guess where were heading after that?