Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lovers Turn To Texts To Say It's Over!

A recent survey found one in seven generation Y-ers (14%) had been told their relationship was over via a phone text or email messages. You see, most of us send e-mails and texts every day, so it comes as not surprise they (sms & e-mails) are now being used to ditch someone-however distasteful that is! Have you ever been "discarded" by your lover through SMS or e-mail before? How does it felt? Or you are the one who used to (or still) call off a relationship via texts instead of face-to-face interaction?

Honestly I was dumped by my first girlfriend via SMS a few years ago. Ouch! How bad that hurt back then. She SMS me telling me that she didn't love me anymore. I felt so terribly dejected. I insisted that we should meet so that she could tell me the bad news personally (or physically). Well we did...but in the end...I failed the salvage the relationship. I cried I wanna thank her for throwing me out. If not for her, I wouldn't have met my wife. Ha :D

How about you? How was your experience? Of course using technology can do just as much damage to the dumper as it does to the dumpee. So that's why it still hurts right? At might feel like an insult to the person being dumped if texts are using instead of face-to-face interaction. Heartbreak and sadness are natural and crucial things to experience. By not having human-to-human contact when dealing with a break-up, people are robbed of the chance to grow and learn from the experience. True right?


Well...sometimes we just have to accept this right? Being ditch via SMS or emails. We can't really help it. Stand up again and overcome the sorrow. Remember this: God will open a few more doors when he closes one. Have a nice day folks. ;)

~First Commenter~