Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ghost Month Has Begun!

Today, 20th of August, marks the advent of Ghost Month! In the seventh month of the Lunar Calender, the ghost and spirits, including our deceased ancestors. During this month, they will come out from the other realm, into our world. Still remember the Qingming festival where we, the living descendants will pay homage to our beloved ancestors? Well, for the Ghost Month the deceased will visit us the living. This is when the gates between the two realms is open to allow them to visit us. :)

Just a moment ago, Daddy, Wifey and me, lit some joss sticks and candles for the "Onyati" (deceased people) who have no where to return. These souls don't have family members who offer them prayers. Poor souls huh! We even offer them some rambutans and cookies. And guess what? We even gave (burned) some money and clothings for them. Ha :D We will perform this ritual every year. Basically we offered them some food so that they can feast after being "locked up" for quite some time. I know this might sound like utter superstition to some of you, but I do believe in this thing.

Anyway it's the month of Ghost. Although our beloved ancestors will be coming back...there are also some dreaded souls roaming around. A few malice ones might up to some mischiefs, so we'd better watch out! No worries, just be careful. For example don't touch those foods offered to them on the streets. Anyway it is a month for us to remember our beloved ones who had left us. :)