Friday, August 21, 2009

20 Whacky Eggs Photos!

Who said eggs are only for our consumption? These eggs are more than meet the eyes you know? Yesterday, I stumbled upon a collection of photos that really made my day. These photos show that eggs can do more than satiate our hunger, these elipse-shaped stuffs can light up our day(s). I can't believe it. Their antics and escapades could make you laugh your stomach out. Literally speaking. Who's the genius behind it? The idea is simple but the effect is ever-lasting! Are you ready for the eggs, shells and yolks? Ha :D

They say pictures can say a thousand words right? I believe the above did just that aye? Ok, it's time for my shut-eyes. Hopefully you guys enjoy this post and have a good laugh. Have a great weekend everyone. :D

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