Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Kor Kor!

Yep! Today is my Kor Kor's birthday. So I wanna take this opportunity to wish my dearest brother, "Happy Birthday! May you have a prosperous and happy life!" Ha ;D Kor Kor (哥哥) simply means elder brother in Mandarin! But it was supposed to be "Ge Ge" instead of "Kor kor" right? Hmm...feel figure that out later. Anyway today is my brother's Birthday 19th of August. He is currently in KL right now, working. It's a shame that we can't celebrate his D-day with him. But fortunately we managed to celebrate it last Saturday & Sunday! Dad treated bro to Ikan Bakar (Fired Fish :p) last Saturday. Then Sunday we had our favourite chicken rice. Then later we had...

Yes! Cake! Ha :D

Happy birthday to you~happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to Kor Kor! :D


Munch! Munch! Munch!

I had a hard time picking the cake. I wanted to choose Black Forest but in the end I bought Classic Chocolate. This is the first time I had ever taste this assortment. I'm not sure if Bro love it. Ha :D well, as for present I went to Parkson with my wife to buy Bro a tie. Since his job required him to be presentable all the time, I decided to get him a good tie. I forget to snap the picture though. I wonder if Bro is wearing the tie right now. :)

Happy Birthday kor kor!

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