Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordlesser Wednesday: Happy Father's Day!

Last Sunday was Father's Day right? So this post arrive slightly a little late but at least it is appropriate. Actually my brother, my dear wife and I celebrated father's day on Saturday instead of Sunday!'s because I was working last Sunday and my brother had to be back to KL around 5p.m. Hence we have to celebrate it on Saturday night instead. We treated dad "ikan bakar" (incinerated fish. Haha :P), chicken wings and fish balls. Dad enjoyed it very much. Then back at home, we helped ourselves with chocolate cake. In the end I was the one who devour the lion's share of the cakes! The only thing missing is mommy dearest. Haih *sigh* But I'm sure she's up there celebrating with us. :D

Me, trying to get into the picture! :D

Smile dad! ;)

My brother bought this special
imported chocolate for dad!

Happy Father's Day!

We love you daddy!

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