Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Must Read: Dick Hoyt! I Salute You!

Dick Hoyt!

This post is specially dedicated to all the farthers in this world. Tears flowed down my face when I first encounter him. Yes! It touched me very deeply...I got to know Dick a few months ago through a friend. At first I was really reluctant to hear what my friend had got to say about Dick who he claimed is really great in marathon and iron man events. No big deal right? There are thousands of people who are equally as good as him if not better. Even I can run, cycle and swim too. So what's the damn big deal about this DICK? Well...that's why I thought. However a complete change of heart struck upon me once I realised how ignorant I am...

You see Dick Hoyt is 69 years old this year (born in 1940). He will hit 70 next year and that's a great figure for him to age gracefully...If he still hasn't yet. You must be thinking that he is living a great life with his children taking good care of him right? But the truth is...the other way around. I am baffled too once I know how great Dick is. I am utterly inspired and it is a complete privilege to know him. You will too (so make sure you watch the video ok).

Although he is fast approaching the magic 70, Dick still has to take care of his son Rick Hoyt (born 1962). You are must be wondering his son is 47 and why does his old farther still have to take care of him? You see...Rick has cerebral palsy caused by extreme lack of oxygen to his brain at birth because his umbilical cord was wrapping around his neck. Since then Rick has been living in vegetative state. But his parents especially his dad never gives up on him. They eventually got a special computer for Rick which enables him to communicate.

Wait a minute? What does this have to do with my friend claiming that Dick is good in marathons? Here comes the story...one day...Rick asked his farther if he could "run" with him in a marathon competition. His father's answer was YES! Since then, they have been participating in marathon and iron man events. As of 31st August 2008, Dick and Rick had joined in total of 984 events, including 229 Triathlons (6 iron man competition), 20 Decathlons and 66 marathons. Both of them are fondly known as Team Hoyt! Dick pulls Rick in a special boat as they swim, carry him in a special seat up front as they bike, and pushes him in a special wheelchair as they run! Sounds easy? Why don't you do it?

I am fairly good in sports but if you were to ask me to swim for 4km, followed by cycling a staggering 180km plus a 42km marathon run...I will end up in hospital with life support. Worse still I could be Rested In Peace! But Dick has done it again and again with his son Rick, "burdening" him. This old man really deserves my respect for his unconditional love for his son Rick! I'm not going to elaborate no more. Let the 5 minutes video clip shows you what I mean...please prepare you tissues...


Click here to download the video.

Are you touched? Did emotion emerge from you? Maybe you are not as sensitive as I am (pun intended) but I did cried. I am so overwhelmed by Dick's dedication towards Rick! What more can his son ask for right? So when Rick was asked what one thing he could give his farther one day, Rick reply was, "The thing I'd most like is that my dad would sit and in the chair and I would push him once."

Dick Hoyt! I Salute You!

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