Thursday, June 25, 2009

10 Tips For Eating Well Without Having To Diet!

It's really hard to eat healthily without going through the diet regime right? I find it rather difficult to be in top shape too recently. I have been gobbling too much and exercising too little! Back in secondary school and university...I ate like...nobody business. I could consume anything I want regardless of the portion. But back then, I was really active. I played a few hours of basketball everyday.'s the other way around. To play basketball once a week is like mission impossible to me. Besides working I need to deal with lots of house chores. So I really need to eat well before I end up in hospital for cardiac arrest or stroke. Ha :D

10 Tips For Eating Well Without Having to Diet

1~Eat for pleasure and good health, not for weight loss.

2~Start the day with oats and you won't be hungry for hours. (Yucks! I know)

3~Eat more fish, chicken, vegetables and salads, and cut down on red meat, pork, pasta, pastry and potatoes.

4~Use a plastic squeezy bottle for olive oil and sauces-it really helps you use less and eventually consume less.

5~Use yogurt instead of cream.

6~Snack on fruits and nuts instead of chocolate and crips.

7~Steam instead of grill, grill instead or roast, roast instead of fry, shallow fry instead of deep fry! (Ha :D)

8~Eat carbs like pasta and potatoes for lunch instead of in the evening.

9~Drink better, drink less, and drink only with the evening meal.

10~If you really want something, enjoy it without guilt, then lighten up the next day!

Sounds pretty hard huh? But it's important to eat well right? Especially if you are not leading a healthy lifestyle. Then again...I reckon I will play basketball more in order to enjoy my usual foods. LOL :D

Is that your scale screaming? Ha :D

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