Friday, June 26, 2009

Is Malaysian Pocong Ghost For Real?

Pocong Ghost?

Perhaps it is just a mere urban legend. But then again...lately, the Pocong Ghost has sort of reminded us that it is "real" and it is certainly not going to lose out to the H1N1 (no pun intended). The Pocong Ghost which is arguably the second most popular ghost in Malaysia (the crown belongs to Pontianak), is creating buzz in Penang a few days ago. I learnt this from Faisal's post and I decided to do some "research" on it. Apparently these Pocong Ghosts have awoken from their slumber and have been sighted in several areas in Bayan Lepas. A few villagers in Kampung Baru Sungai Ara and Kampung Masjid had encountered the so-called Pocong Ghost!

(Left) The trees where the Pocong is sighted.

According to some residents (I'm not sure if it's real or not), factory workers and teens riding along the 15km-stretch between the 2 Penang villages had seen the famed Pocong! One of the Kampung Masjid villagers, Azril Idris said that he and his friend were resting around midnight last month when they heard screaming from a neighbour claiming that she saw Pocong! Fadzil and his mate then saw the ghost in some bamboo trees (above pic). It was a white figure staring straight at them. Later, they smelled strong incense and next thing in the morning they were down with fever! Sounds incredulous right?

Actually a lot of us have heard about this Pocong ghost right? But many including me still don't have the slightest idea what on earth is Pocong!'s something taken from a book about the Pocong. Some of the information is really funny! Let's enjoy it folks!

8 Facts About Pocong???

Let me translate it...

1~A.K.A. Package Ghost, "Punjut" Ghost, "Bunjut" Ghost and "Kocong" Ghost! A lot of Malay supernatural jargon which I don't understand.
2~This being is shaped like a corpse wrapped in a shroud, cloth for wrapping the dead during a burial.
3~It is claimed that Pocong Ghost exists when a woman died while delivering her eldest child.
4~Pocong loves to disturb human (of course).
5~It mobilize by hopping and often time it likes to tail vehicles.
6~Likes to gaze on the full moon.
7~Those who managed to capture the Pocong Ghost will be wealthy because there is a lot of treasures in the shroud.
8~Victims who are being disturbed need to criss-cross and strip his or her clothing in order to avoid further disturbance!

It is said that she rise from her grave...

I'm not sure whether the above is true or not. But my late grandpa once encountered the Pocong Ghost in Alor Gajah, Malacca when he was young. You see, my grandpa was on his way back after enjoying his regular cup of tea with his buddies. On his way home...he saw a white package rolling towards him. Immediately he ran back to the coffee shop and stayed put until the next morning. Ha :D

This is sighted in UiTM!

Maybe this Pocong Ghost is not as scary as its mate-Pontionak! Besides the Sweet-like wrapping is really cute right? Moreover some folks who are extremely free are trying to scare us by imitating the Pocong. Damn stupid pranksters! But who knows what evil it could cause and bring upon when we really bump into the real Pocong Ghost right? Will we fall sick and die? Where is this Pocong Ghost? Who knows...


She might be watching us...

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