Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quietus Of The Legendary Michael Jackson

I believe not many expect to see this from happening. It is almost redundant for me to write this post right? I bet there must be millions (if not trillions) of posts or articles circulating in the virtual world at this moment.

Michael's Last Picture...

I received an sms from my wife yesterday morning telling me that Michael Jackson was dead. Her colleagues told her about it and I disregarded it, thinking it might be just another hoax by his haters. Driven by curiosity, I switched on the laptop and see if there is any true to it. I opened the Yahoo!'s portal and I was utterly baffled Michael Jackson had really fallen. How shocking!

The young and talented Michael!

Jakco was due to make his thrilling comeback to the glittering stage in London next month-but his sudden demise has left millions of zealots feeling they have lost a long-standing friend. His dramatic demise seemed to conceal his recent altercations and evoke warmer fragment of memories of Jakson that we know-the child star, the show-stopping, moon walking legend. No one is larger than him especially right now. Not even the late Elvis or The Beatles! At this peak, he was the biggest star in the world and has sold more than 750 million albums!

"I Am King!"

People from all walks of life unite and express their chorus of grief to the man who brought them "Thriller" and "Beat It". Even my dad came back from work telling me about Jakson's fate. Michael Jakson's sudden death startled nearly everyone, from those who was named after the King of Pop, to we, Malaysians who named our soy drink after him, to a wave of people globally who have tried, nugatory to mimic his lionized moonwalk including me. Actually I can moonwalk quite ok.

Jackson at his peak...

Pop genius Michael Jackson does not only leave his musical legacy, he also leaves behind mountains of debts. Moreover Jacko had an unfulfilled comeback which millions of his fans hoped would bring in the cash and erase his financial troubles. Jackson's career and image were tarnished by his mounting financial and legal troubles. Of course his terribly failed plastic surgery did little to ease his problems. He could make up for all his mistakes...but too bad...he was so close...only a few weeks apart. He died at he age of 50, after an amazing career spanning 4 decades that included the biggest-selling pop album of all time, "Thriller." And I doubt anyone could still beat the mark in the future.

Why? Why? Why?

Daddy is gone for Jacko's 3 children. When we heard his shocking passing, our hearts immediately go to his poor children, 12-years-old Michael Joseph Jackson Junior, 11-years-old Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and also 7-years-old Prince Michael Jackson II aka Blanket! Who will take care of his children right now. Hopefully the potential custodians will not battle it out just for Michael's moneys. Poor kids! =(

I wonder what will become of them.

Did his cardiac (heart) was really "arrested"? So what really happened to Michael? Is it fatigue? Is it because he was overdosed? Did someone poisoned him? Or did Michael committed suicide to put an end to all his sufferings (financial and legal)? Surely authorities are seeking to clear up the mystery enveloping his death. An autopsy was carried out, though results were not likely to be final until toxicology tests could be completed, a process that could take at least several days or even weeks! But I do wonder if someone will benefit from his death via insurance, copyrights etc. The truth is...we will never know...

For now...let's remember the Thrills his has brought us!

To say that I'm not sad about his departure is a total lie. I thought I won't...but the fact is I do...I am a little sad right now, truly I am. I don't know why I have this strange feeling though. How about you guys? His magic has touched millions including me. My condolence to Michael's family and may God walks with him in his final journey. Good bye Michael!

We will miss you...

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