Sunday, June 28, 2009

uMist-Our Father's Day Gift

A few of you asked what my brother, my wife and I bought for dad during last week's Father's Day. Besides the "incinerated" fish and chocolate cake, we did buy something very unexpected for daddy dearest. So today I am going to reveal to you what dad received on that special occasion. You see, 2 days before Father's Day, my wife and I were busy scouting for the perfect gift for dad. It was really hard for us to buy something rather pragmatic for dad. So we searched and searched and searched...for like almost an hour and finally we laid our eyes upon something rather peculiar. And after negotiating with the salesperson and having witnessed his demonstration we decided to get it for dad...

Those who always frequent the shopping malls would have known about this "machine"...or at least would have noticed about it. We bought a uMist for dad. uMist is an ultrasonic humidifier from Osim! So why do we want to get this humidifier for dad? You see dad always takes a nap in the afternoon and his place of choice for napping is in the living room (downstairs) which is not air-conditioned. So with this device, his afternoon nap won't be that burning hot anymore. And the fact that dad has asthma makes this negative-ions-producing-uMist even more beneficial to him. Ha :D Dad loves it and he says the uMist is really cooling. We are of course delighted.

Ta~da! OSIM uMist!

Then dad asked us how much this device cost? I told him the figure and he was dumbstruck. He couldn't believe it and he asked my wife several times (yeah, my dad believes my wife more than me. LOL) just to make sure I'm not making the price tag up. He never thought it would be that "expensive". So can you guess how much this baby cost? It cost us RM368! Kinda dear for a humidifier right? But is after all branded and we wanted peace of mind. So it's ok.

Detach the water tank and you
can see the ultrasonic "outlet"!

So what's so special about Osim's uMist? After all you could get one of its kind at an extremely cheaper price elsewhere right? But as the saying goes...quality comes with price. So here's what I ripped of from Osim's website about their cute little uMist!

It is cute right? Like an EGG!

"The OSIM uMist ultrasonic technology to generate cool, fine mist that humidifies your room more effectively, preventing dryness in the air. The uMist also produces negative ions that remove dust and other suspended impurities to improve air quality. With a large capacity water tank that enables 14 hours of continuous usage on 1 full tank, 2 emission speeds, and a safety feature that switches off the humidifier when the water tank is empty, the uMist is the ideal humidifier for every home and office."

The only flaw is...refilling needs
to be done from the bottom! =(

For more information, please click here. No! This is not a paid post. Ha :D Anyway I personally like it too. And I thing I will get one for my wife too since the air-con sometimes tends to dry up the air in our room. Ok, that's all from me. So what did you get for your dad? LOL :p

It looks like a kettle too huh! :P