Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tekkaus Is Top 100 Malaysian Blogs?

Yes. My blog with the url--> is listed in Riceblogger's Top 100 Malaysian Blogs List. I'm currently ranked at NO. 44#. I'm really proud with it. Although there's really nothing to shout about. Am I thrilled? A little maybe, because I know there are still thousands of great Malaysian blogs waiting to be discovered. Thousands of diamond in the rough waiting to be unearthed! Besides this list is not crawled by "spiders", instead it is compiled manually (aka human). So if you are not listed, that doesn't mean you are lousy ok. Likewise if you are listed (just like me), that doesn't mean you are really that good either!

To get into this need to play the number games. Why? This list is compiled by calculating your blog(s)'s Alexa Rank and Technorati's Authority Rank! Alexa's Rank is calculated on your blog's reach, pageviews, bounce rate, time on site etc. Technorati's Authority in the other hand will emphasize the number or quality links pointing back to your blog. So in a nutshell, to be in Riceblogger's list, all you just need to have is damn high Alexa and Technorati Rank! And Yeah the lower the number of the ranking means the higher a blog ranks. I wanna thank everyone: my readers and fellow bloggers who make me NO.44 in Malaysian Blogs! :D

Thanks everyone!

So this means that good contents are not the key to get your blog enshrined in this list. It's all about linking, SEO and engaging your readers. No disrespect to the others, but some blogs simply don't deserve to be in this list. Perhaps mine too. And I know hatful of great bloggers who are left out in this list.

My Alexa Rank

The above picture shows's Alexa Rank. For the past 3 months, my blog's Alexa Rank is in the World Top 200K! I'm happy with this achievement. I started out as a complete outsider a few months ago. My blog used to rank more than 2 millions.

As for my Technorati Authority, I only scored a meagre 65,331! The 74 you see in the picture above shows the number of links pointing back to your blog. Actually you can rake up a lot of authority simply by exchanging links with the others

Ok, that's all for now. Who next week...I might have been kicked out from the list right? For those who wish to squeeze into Riceblogger's Top 100 Malaysian Blogs, you can contact the webmaster to suggest your site. I gotta go now. :D