Friday, June 5, 2009

Tekkaus Is Now .COM

Yes. Tekkaus is no longer under the domain .blogspot anymore. Now Tekkaus has its very own unique url aka! Again this is yet another milestone for me. It's more than a year since I last started blogging. Although I'm relatively old but there are plenty more to learn. And a vast room for improvement to be made (hopefully). I'm still an amateur compared to a lot of you out there who have already managed to scale some great heights. Shame! Shame me. I wish I could learn as fast as you guys. But never mind, it's better late than never. So by obtaining my very own custom, unique domain, I hope I can start to "walk" in the blogosphere. Ha ;D

My first baby step?

Why did I ditch the .blogspot domain? of the reasons is because I wanted to become a pro-blogger. I want to have my very own domain. I know it might so a tad incredulous to some of you, maybe a little funny right? But...I hope one day I could be an international blogger. I have already earned my first US$100 with Google Adsense. Although it took me 10 months to do so, I am still happy to be able to earn using my blog. So I used a meagre of this blog's profit to buy a custom domain name for it. Hence two days ago I bought it through the internet.

The birth place of my domain! ;D

Guess who much does my custom domain cost? It cost only USD8.50 or RM30! Yes. It's relatively cheap right? I bought it from EcommerceMastery. Of course you could get cheaper domain name out there with only USD3! But I'm more than happy with what I got. For those who is using blogspot, you can purchase your domain directly with Goggle for USD10! The above mentioned fee will only last you for one year. You can also opt to purchase it for several years. You can also get your own custom domain from Exabytes, but it is a little bit more expensive than EcommerceMastery.

So how about hosting? Well...for the time being. I'm still using blospot free hosting. It could save me some bucks for other sutff right? Last but not least, again I wanna thank my fellow bloggers and visitors for making this possible. Without their supports I am nothing. So I would like to dedicate this same old, brand new tekkaus to all of you. Ha ;D