Saturday, June 6, 2009

Come Join Tekkaus@Friend Connect!

Actually a lot of you have joined the latest frenzy in the Internet-Google Friend Connect. As usual I'm always a latecomer with virtually everything. But better late than never. Hence today Tekkaus is officially in Friend Connect. So what on earth is Google Friend Connect then? Is it something like Yahoo's Mybloglog? Or is it more like the fancy Blogcatalog? I would say it is the improved, mix-and-matched version of both of them. I believe Google aimed to take on Facebook with Friend Connect. Thus far, it seems impossible...but it has IMHO blown away Mybloglog and Blogcatalog. So perhaps dethroning Facebook is not mission impossible after all.

Watch the video! :D

As mentioned earlier I had just jumped onto the Friend Connect's bandwagon. Yes, only a moment go. Now I decided to doddle about it. With Friend Connect, you can vitalises your friends and communities that visit your blog or site. How is this achieved? Simply by enriching it with social features, as claimed by Google. So what can Friend Connect do for us? Well...apparantly there are 2 benefits you could derive from it:

1~Supersize your community!
Or in other words, build up your community. It is relatively easy as anyone can join your blog stumbled on other members by using login from a variety of other services such as Yahoo, Twitter, AOL, Plaxo, Orkut etc. When visitors becoming members your blog or site will be "fortified". Isn't that great?

~This is done with the help of Members Gadget. There are 2 types of members gadget. The members gadget allows visitors to join your site, sign in, sign out, mingle with other members and enjoy the social features available. All you need is install this in your blog and voila visitors can start to join "forces" with you. :P

2~Increase Your Community Engagement!
There is a plethora of social features from a catalog of gadgets to keep your visitors and friends more deeply engaged with your blog and other users. In other words...there will be more bonding. Great!

Let's connect.

~There are so many interesting social features available that you just don't know where to start from. But I have chosed one very distinctive gadget which I really love. It is the Social Bar. I had just installed it at the bottom of my blog. I picked the Social Bar gadget because it enable my visitors to join my blog and discover the others with ease. One of the most attractive feature is the ability to read and post comments. Plus this social bar will always float at the bottom of my blog making it easily accessible and thus more engaging to my visitors. Besides there is no need to redesign my blog or whatsoever. All I need is to insert the code given.

The Social Bar!

There are plenty of other gadgets for you to toy around. Choose your gadgets here. So what are you waiting for? Will I recommend it? Of course. Should you use it? I don't know. But you should follow me. :D be a part of Tekkaus right now. FOLLOW ME!