Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It Was My 24th Birthday!

First thing first I wanna appologise for the lack of updates recently. And I'm awfully sorry too, for not reading some of your blog posts latety! I have been too darn busy for the past few weeks. Maybe it's because of the mounting tasks that are suffocating me, then again it could all be of my very own doings. Ha :D Anyway I just wanna thank those who are being patient with me. In this post I wanna share with you guys about my Birthday. You see a few days ago, I celebrated my 24th Birthday with my family. It was a great day. It could have been better if my dearest late mum is here with me. I can still vividly remember that last year, mum sent me an sms and a picture message wishing me, "Happy Birthday!" The messages are still intact but not mommy! *sigh*

Blurry Birthday?

Anyway here are some photos taken for my Birthday! I received several gifts this year. So I wanna thank my daddy, my brother and my wife for their gestures. Of course there are others who I can't name each and everyone of them. So...

Watch from my "clients"!

Birthday card & Tesco voucher from my boss!

Belt from my beloved wifey!

Hereby I also wanna thank my dearest brother for treating me Secret Recipe! I had the yummy Chicken Cordon and Green Tea Shake! And of course thank you daddy for the Ang Pow! Haha :D I used the money to buy a big Oxford Dictionary!

Nah~Have a bite!
This is from my wife too!