Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Portable Apps In My Moo Moo USB Drive!

In my previous post, you guys have known about my Red Hot 4GB Kingston DT! Now in this post I wanna share with you guys what is in my Special Edition Moo Moo pendrive! No...I'm not gonna let you see what photos or videos in it but instead what is under its hood! In our computers we have Windows, MacOs, Linux etc. to run it! But how about our USB drives? As for my USB drive, I have installed an application called Portable Apps. Have you heard about it before? If I'm not mistaken it has been around for a few years (March 2004) after the advent of USB 2.0 (2001)! is the world's most popular portable software solution! The claim is certainly profound and yours truly, me~lar, can testify to that!

Still remember?

Actually I have been following PortableApps for quite a while and only now that I am able to install and run it in my latest pendrive. That's because my previous pendrive is too "tiny" to have the PortableApps in it. What's so special about it? For starters, this brilliant solution is FREE! It is a fully open source platform that works on any portable storage device, for example your USB drives, iPod, memory card, portable hard drive! Yes, you can install it in any portable devices!

If you were to ask to describe itself in 3 words...I believe it would be: Convenient, Open and Free! With this apps, now you can have the convenience of carrying around your favourite computer programs along with your other bookmarks in any computer in this world without fear of leaving any personal "bread crumbs" behind. Now isn't that great?

The last time I checked there are...wait let me count them right now...69 portable applications of softwares for you to toy around! Yes! 69 applications which comprises of 10 different categories such as Accessibility, Development, Education, Games, Graphics, Internet, Music & Video, Office, Operating Systems and finally Utilities! Click here to find out more. For something which is free, these are too good to be true right?

Do you think this apps deserve a try? Well...if you are a geek and you still haven't get your hands on it...why don't you give it a try? Who knows? You might find something that interest you. There are 3 different version of downloads available:

Of course the Platform only version consist of Portable Apps platform and nothing more than that. The other two versions, Suite Light and Suite Standard differ in a sense that the office suite used is different. The Suite Light version only comes with the basic AbiWord whereas the "heavier" Standard Suite is equipped with a full-fledged OpenOffice Apps. To find out more about it, click here.

Light Suite VS Standard Suite!

Some of you might be wondering how will PortableApps appear in my PC?'sa few screenshots to give you an idea...

Once you plug your USB drive,
this is what you'll see!

Then you'll be greeted by PortableApps very own menu!

And this is what it looks like in your screen!

All in in...if you want to organize the contents in your pendrives or simply want to have more functionality with your iPod etc, give PortableApps a try. :D

Man! PortableApps should really give me a treat for writing this review for them (Hopefully they are listening). LOL :D Anyway, I believe they deserve a few scribbles from me. Why not? After all, I'm using their poruducts. Yeah! I know it is a long post with lots of pictures. Thanks for reading guys. See you around! ;)