Saturday, May 23, 2009

American Idol's Voting System Was Hacked?

Shocking! I couldn't believe it too. This is what I heard from a few forums hours ago. They said a few hackers managed to got into the American Idol's mainframe and compromised the Voting System. Hence handing the title to Kris Allen. And that explains why Kris Allen came out as the Victor during the American Idol final. Now I know! Gosh, will the AI rectify this mistake? Or will they let it flow? More than 100 million of votes were sent in...and some of them must be disappointed to know that their precious votes have gone to the other end. I wonder if Kris is involved in this...

Ok! I admit that I made this up. Obviously no sane man would have believed what I have just claimed right? It sounds too presumptuous and incredulous...and of course ridiculous. This post is intended to show how irritated I am to know that Kris Allen won the American Idol! Actually it's none of my freaking business...but..heck I have spent a lot of time watching the contest and of course I am utterly disappointed with the predictable outcome.

I wanna ask that too!

Why predictable? Because I actually knew that Kris would win...WHY? Because of Danny Gokey! An apparently more talented (than Kris) Gokey made it into the top 3 but unfortunately he got kicked out instead of Kris! Hence this leave all his supporters up for grabs. After the traumatising departure of Gokey, everyone wonders where the votes will go...but I'm sure a lot have predicted that Allen is the rightful "owners" to most of the votes! Gokey and Allen are both similar in a sense that they are more downright conservative compared to Maybelline boy-Adam's elaborate staging and unique wardrobe choices!

Gokey can sing better than Kris!!!

What else does Gokey and Allen have in common? Well, Gokey is a widower who is a church music director; whereas your heart throb Allen is a MARRIED (YES!) college student and has worked as a church worship leader. Hmm...I feel that the Church might have played a big roll in Allen's victory. Perhaps Kris' boy-next-door image (yucks!) propelled him to the American Idol title. IMHO, Kris just doesn't deserve to win...especially when he is not good enough! This is such an unbelievable injustice! Ok! All the Allen's purists, throw me your shoes!

~Showman Adam Vs Everyman Allen~

The thought of Allen's triumph is still haunting me. Don't get me wrong. Allen is a good singer...but not a talented or a great singer! He just doesn't have it you know. Allen's charm lies in his everyman portrayal! He could easily be one of us-I mean in terms of talent. YES! Even my mates in college could have strummed the guitar better than he could. It's ok to say that there is nothing Allen has done that most people with a gift of music couldn't do or practise a little and master. YES! He is relatively talent-LESS! Don't get me wrong guys, I have nothing against him. Sure, he has worked his ass off to get the crown but this is a singing competition not a "how much you have improved" contest!

Even Katy Perry knows that Lambert is better!

Likewise our Maybelline Boy-Adam, is a completely different cup of tea! Lambert possesses an irrefutable grandeur which Kris obviously lack! He has consistently wowed the judges, the mentors and the audience alike with his great performance. Adam has a talent that he has honed since he was little. His mentors, from Smokey Robinson, Slash, Quentin Tarantino to Jamie Foxx, all have said it before. The 4 judges including Simon Cowell have all reiterated how gifted Lambert is. Heck! Even Katy Perry's sly nod to Adam (her Elvis Cape has Adam's name on it) during her performance proved that even those in the business recognise his talent.

~Why Adam Should Win?~

Undeniably Adam has an incredibly outstanding vocal range, so much charisma, is good-looking, and scores at both loud and strong, as well as stripped-back type of performance. Moreover he's good at changing up arrangement and surprising his audiences. Besides did you notice that all the cameras love him? All in all, Adam surpasses Allen in every single aspects in terms of singing of course.

OK, let's zap back to reality. Bygones are bygones! 100 million votes has been counted and Allen won by a staggering few million votes, which of course does not reflect his ability! Million of Americans have made their brilliant choice. All of us have to remember that: American Idol is not a singing competition. It is an Idol competition! In this game, winner is determined by number of votes received. Which in turns translate to how good-looking you are, how well you can create rapport with the audience and how your projection of appeal is to them. So it doesn't matter if you cannot sing really well!

Me either!

The again...the American Idol's voting system could have been hacked! Or some insiders from the "top" level simply adore Kris and hence made some changes. Who knows?