Friday, May 15, 2009

My Red Hot Kingston 4GB Data Traveler (Year of The Ox Special Edition)

Haha :D Now! That's one pretty ugly long title for a post huh? But before we get into the main "dish", let us taste the "mouth washer" first shall we? So how are you guys lately? I wasn't doing great recently (who is anyway?). I have too much assignments to do! Perhaps it was because I didn't juggle my time good enough. Hence when the floodgates were opened a few days ago...I was totally helpless. I couldn't fight the strong force. I feel like a...tiny plankton at the mercy of the ocean's currents. My! Am I feeling so helpless right now. Thank goodness I recovered. Well...I believe that's enough for "mouth washer"! Let's move on to the main dish-a beefy one!


A few days ago I traveled to the "Bear Mountain" in Malacca and got myself something that I wanted to buy for quite some time. It was the Kingston 4GB Data Traveler Year of The Ox SE! I read about this flash drive back in January before the Chinese New Year. Finally it is mine...Muahahaha :D Ok, what's so special about this flash drive? Frankly nothing fancy about it. But it's appearance does appeal to those who loves to collect SE items. Moreover I believe those who were born in the year of Ox should grab it. Support our Moo Moo friends~mah!

You see, even the God of Wealth uses it!

This 4GB USB drive cost me just a mere RM34, which is so damn cheap compared to the one I bough 3 year ago. 3 years ago I bough a 512MB PenDrive for RM110! Now that's a stark difference huh? What to do? I can't really complain much. Technology advances too fast and the prices jave to come down immediately too! 

One flash drive to rule them all!

This limited edition Ox-y flash drive comes in...the hues of red and gold which symbolises wealth! Hence you could bring this around as a "feng shui" item. Who knows? It might even help you attact more "wealth"! Joey Yap should have endorsed it. At one side of it you can see the Kingston's name engraved on the 24k Gold-plated casing (ok, just kidding)! Then on the other side, you'll notice an Ox head attached to a coin. Perhaps this symbol helps us to ward of the "bad energy" during this economy uncertainty?

Two face!

Well! That's all from me for now. Hopefully I could kill off my missions as soon as possible. So if you don't see me for a few days, don't miss me. And don't forget to grab your Moo-Moo version of Kingston flash drive ok. Haha :D Take care everyone. Mooooooooooo~~

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