Monday, May 11, 2009

Must Read: Nuffnang's Xhilirating XChange!

Nuffnang's XChange is finally here! Another Nang! for them! I have never seen this coming. I mean...I couldn't believe that Nuffnang could come up with such eXhilirating widget. I thought Nuffnang has ran out of ideas and is simply running high and dry...stuck in "stagnant" mode. But how wrong was I! Nuffnang kept on surprising us with their "guerrilla attacks"! This time around, Nuffnang managed to increase the ante and outplay their rivals in South-East Asia! How will Asdvertlers reply? We have already witnessed the phenomenon Innit and Happy-O-Meter (which is in fact a white-elephant). Now, Xchange is here with the aim to change us! I wonder what they'll shelve out in the future.

Let's get down to the nuts and bolts: Nuffnang's latest widget is conceptualized with the aim to drive more traffic for its users! Yes, the traffic the most of us lust for. But...bear in mind that...Xchange can only be used by Nuffnang's Glitterati members. Having said so, if you are not a Glitterati or the so-called Exclusive Member, you won't have the privilege to reap its benefits. There's always some strings attached with Nuffnang's offerings huh? After all...that how they make themselves distinctive right?

~Xchange Widget~

The Nuffnang's Xchange Widget comprises of 3 different tabs which are: RSS Tab, Innit Tab and Status Tab (a~lar just like Twitter Widget): Let's dissects all 3 of these tabs and see what they offer us:

1~RSS Tab: which will import and showcase the latest posts from blogs that had installed the Xchange widget. With 96,000 blogs at Nuffnang's disposal, your audience will never lack something to read again..or so they claimed. In other words, when you update your blog, there's a strong chance you'll appear here. But then again...wouldn't this minimizes your chances of being in the limelight since we have to compete with 96K blogs?

2~Innit Tab: All Glitterati Nuffnangers are of course familiar wit innit right? Nuffnang's very own in-house-pinger or blog-aggregator! This is also the very reason why I swicthed from Advertlets to Nuffnang a few months ago.

3~Status Tab: As I mentioned earlier, this is something similar to Twitter or Pacmee. Yes, when you update it, your latest message, rantings etc will appear. Actually I think this is a perfect replacement for the rather useless Happy O Meter. No disrespect but that's what I think.

Yes! Type your rantings here and
it will appear in your widget!

*~Extra: Yes. Nuffnang will even insert ads at random intervals which they may in the near future open up to advertisers as an additional source of income for us. Now, that's not bad huh?

*~Gimme! Gimme more: Besides that, users can choose their prefered widget skins to fit their respective blog's theme. For time being there are only 2 skins available which are the fuss-free Compact Skin and the cutie Flower Skin! Fret not because Nuffnang has promised to diversify the skins collection asap.

All-in-all, I honestly believe that this widget could really hot some high notes for Nuffnang. I personally love the multi-tab functionality which really helps to save space. Besides this 3-in-1 widget could potentially increase your blog traffic and revenue.

But...there's a HUGE catch! The Xchange Widget is designed with the Average-bloggers in mind. Meaning...only blogs with an average of less than 300 unique visitors a day (<300)! Frankly, that's a good way to leverage to baby bloggers such as me (since my traffic always fluctuate) by applying the handicapped rule. 2 thumbs up for Nuffnang.

~How To Install~

Installation is as easy as 1-2-3! I guess. Let's see:

1~Log on into your Nuffnang account. Immediately you'll notice the Xchange Tab on your dashboard. Click it!

2~Then you'll land on the Xchange page. You'll be asked to choose between the Compact Skin or the Flower Skin. Once you have chosen your ideal skin widget, you'll need to install the code in your blog.

3~Log on into your blogger account and click the "Layout" link.

4~Then click on the "Edit HTML" link.

5~Once you are in, scroll down to the very end of your page. You'll need to paste the code (provided) at the very end of your page immediately before the closing "body" tag.

6~Save it and voila your Xchange Widget is up and running! You'll see it in action at the bottom right of your blog. For more assitance, click here.

... "running" already!
So far so good!

In a nutshell, this is a brilliant idea from Nuffnang. Obviously they have put in a lot of efforts to stay aheadof the competition. Their latest widget-Xchange is certainly gonna change the way the game is being played right now. Theoretically this should work for the users. But from the pragmatic view...we still haven't witness the results since this project is still in its infancy. So can exchange really increase its users traffic? That...we have to wait and see...

All in all, I certainly feel that this Xchange widget deserved your try. But remember...YOU HAVE TO BE A GLITTERATI to enjoy it!