Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Six Scintillating Wowzio's Widgets For Your Blog!

Haha :D Why would I describe it as "Scintillating"? Well, the 1st primary reason is because I wanted the 1st letter to be the same with Six! I'm weird huh. Anyway I also believe that it is fitting to call the following Wowzio's widgets SCINTILLATING (=sparkling, shining, bright, brilliant, gleaming, glittering, twinkling. flashing, shimmering, shimmery; rare scintillant)! You guys might have notice it for quite a while right? Actually I "stole" it from Quachee. *wink* ;) I love widgets. They can make our blog(s) or website(s) look rather professional without the need of any programming knowledge. But of course there's a few hiccups regarding widgets such as slow loading etc.

Sorry for the lil' x-rated photo...
But the above photo is truly scintillating right?

Just like Wowzio, it gives you the WOW effect! ;)

How many of you like widgets? At 1st we have Feedjit right? And now Wowzio come into the picture. Of course Wowzio will not be a replacement for the popular Feedjit; instead it could complement the former. Wowzio offer what Feedjit couldn't, which are more animated & graphical widgets-in other words scintillating! :P These Wowzios come in 6 design/type/variety or whatever you would like to call them. They are...

1~Panoramic Slideshow
2~Live Activity
3~Photo Gallery
4~Feed Content
6~Tag Cloud

Panoramic Slideshow

Live Activity

Photo Gallery

Feed Content


Tag Cloud

With more than 317, 663, 103 Wowzio widgets served (correct at displayed time), so do you guys thing these widgets from Wowzio could spice up your blog? Or perhaps add that little "WOW" effect for your visitors? The choices is yours. I'm using 3 of them right now. Feast your visitors eyes right now! Grab a few of them! happy trying~*wink* ;)

P.S. Sorry that all the widgets were aligned on the left. Tried to align them at the center...but it didn't work.


Gallivanter said...

I like the widgets...


Tekkaus said...

Really? Haha =) But I takes a lot of resource and bandwidth.

QuaChee said...

i like these widgets! :) but i do wonder if blogger's widget will match it someday.

Tekkaus said...

Quachee-->I think mostly like will if blogger is willing to do so. =)

QuaChee said...

the thing is once it matches, them wizzio might be quite irrelevant?

Tekkaus said...

Quachee-->Yeah! But...I thing the people from Google might shelve out theirs sooner or later. Just like how chrome is gaining over firefox right now. It pays to be the Big Brother! =)

foongpc said...

Hi tekkaus. Guess what? The wowzio widget on my blog - I got it from you. Haha! I'm really happy with it! But wowzio doesn't have most popular pages widget, so I used Feedjit for that! : )

Tekkaus said...

Foongpc-->Really? So you "stole" it from me lar? Yeah, wowzio didn't have that. Perhaps they should add it to their collection. =)

Alan said...

It looks fab on my blog also..

Tekkaus said...

Alan-->Really? Good for you. =)

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