Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Miss Hua Came To Me

Miss Hua?

Miss Hua...I've waited 2 months for you. 60 agonizing, excruciating days. All the sleepless and restless nights are over. Finally you came! I was too delighted to meet you yesterday. No words could describe the euphoria I had upon seeing you, let alone touching you and feel you in my arms. Your sparkling earrings always dangling as if it's luring me. Ahh~~~my dearest Miss Hua, we have only met on the net; it was 2 months ago, and now you are here with me full of glow. Your are sexy and conservatively stylish; it amazes me how you could make me your biggest fetish! Clad in your favourite cheongsam, you always make me wanna hum. Come Miss Hua, let me take you to somewhere afar.

Quachee's comment box announcing the winners!
This was 2 months ago. =)

Haha :D As you guys know I tried to made something up. I try to make it rhymes, but I guess I sucked huh! Anyway I'm more than happy to receive The Miss Hua's postcard from Jay Lim. And special thanks to Quachee too for allowing me to win these fabulous collectibles. There are 6ix designs and the one I love the most is Miss Hua riding a gargantuan golden koi fish. As you guys could see, Miss Hua is petite and yet exudes tonnes of confidence right? She hailed from Shanghai and always have this up-beat "go! go! go!" mood. I must say the designs are exquisite. Why? Kudos to Jay Lim because he could bring out the exhibitionistic nature of Miss Hua and yet poses a certain degree of enigma around his masterpieces.

Miss Hua came to an envelope!

Last but not least, another thank you for both Jay Lim & Quachee. Hmm...who should I post these cards to? Or I should just keep it? Anyway here's some photos of Miss Hua and me. *wink* ;D

Miss Hua in 6 different actions!

Argghhh...I got Miss Hua's postcards.

One for the album...or blog...
Damm I feel like a cam whore.

Yes, you can also seecatch Miss Hua on a T!
Check it out at The Kraft Store!


Unknown said...

yr wife gonna get jealous with yr writing style haha! :)

Gallivanter said...

Miss who??


Tekkaus said...

Quachee-->My wife won't lar. She knows I'm very loyal. Ha =) Anyway thanks for the postcards k.

Gallibanter-->Miss Hua lar~:D

Anonymous said...

I really like cheongsams...they are evergreen, classic and cultural tribute to the chinese.

Tekkaus said...

My Bug Life-->Then will you don them during Chinese New Year? ha =)

foongpc said...

Hey, how come you seem to win so many things from Quachee one ah? How come I win none? Quachee is not fair!

Ok lah, just kidding! I think I didn't enter those contests in Quachee's blog! LOL!

Unknown said...

heya tekkaus

haha. ok :) oh the postcards - most welcome. but the other person to thank is actually jay - he chose yr answer! :)

foongpc - haha. well, u are welcomed to join the future contests :)

Tekkaus said...

Foongpc-->Yalor! Quachee isn't fair huh! Haha =)Maybe you can join in the future. It's easy gua...just comment...and cross your fingers so that you'll be picked. Ha ;D

Tekkaus said...

Quachee-->Yeah! Thank you to Jay. I did some publicity for him right? ha =) Yalor, foongpc should have joined. The more competition the better. Muahaha ;D

Anonymous said...

I own 2 pieces but one of them falling apart soon due to poor quality...label says made in China wan..anyway, it's hard to find good ones at reasonable prices. Boutique ones are so expensive here.

Yes, I wear them during CNY..but only for the family dinner.

Tekkaus said...

My Bug Life-->Ouh...war..than you must be looking really good in one of those right? Ha =) Perhaps you can post them up this coming CNY! ;)

foongpc said...

tekkaus, will join future contests in Quachee's blog to fight you. Haha!

quachee, will look forward to your future contests. Don't give Tekkaus win all, must give me win too! : )

Tekkaus said...

Foongpc-->Haha! Ok, actually what Quachee can do is throw in more prizes so everyone can win lor! Just like AirAsia's slogan, "Now Everyone Can Win!"

Unknown said...

haha tekkaus, then like that no fun lah :)