Monday, December 15, 2008

20 Simple Reasons Why You Are Not Rich!

Or why you'll never ever get rich. You see many people presume that if they don't earn enough money they'll not become well off. In fact we could always hear people saying, "If only I earned a little more! If only my boss give me a little raise!"~blah! blah! blah! That "If only" statements of self-victimization? But the problem to their argument is that they were making the same squabble before their last several raises. Almost all of us have played the very famous board game-Monopoly right? So we all know that becoming a millionaire has little or nothing to do with how much bucks we make, BUT how we treat our hard-earned cash every day. Agree?

Who wants to be a millionaire?

When I was a little toddler, my beloved dad made only a meagre of RM300 (approximately $90) per month. Our 2 bed-room-2-storey low-cost home then, only had a table, a fan plus a mattress I guess. You might said that we are poverty-stricken, but we managed to came out of it and now we are living quite comfortably. But I saw a few families who made a few thousands bucks every month but still they are not able to cope with their lifestyle. The problem is that they don't manage their lucre prudently! Some gamble it away and some simply spend it as if they their money is limitless!

You are not going to do this right?

Here are 20 very, very simple (but true) reasons why you are still not rich:

1~You care what your neighbours & friends think.
2~You are not patient.
3~You have bad habits.
4~You don't set goals.
5~You are not being prepared.
6~You try to make quick buck.
7~Rely others to handle your money.
8~Invest in something you don't understand.
9~You are a financial coward.
10~Ignoring your finances.
11~Your care what your car looks like.
12~Your feel entitlement.
13~You lack diversification.
14~You started too late.
15~You don't do what you enjoy.
16~You don't like to learn.
17~You buy things you don't use.
18~You don't understand value.
19~Your house is too big.
20~You fail to take advantage of opportunity!

Budgeting could help you go a long way!

The above reasons might look rather simple, but I assure you that it's not baseless. Take a moment and think about it. It's these simple stuffs that causes us the big, deep holes in our pockets. It's time to buckle up and save for your very own future. Do let me know if I could be of any help. Happy budgeting, saving and investing folks! *wink* ;)

It's time to plan for you golden eggs right?


Gallivanter said...

Where's the other reason, because you don't support UMNO? Hahahahaha!


foongpc said...

Yes, what you wrote is very true. People who earns RM5K a month complains not enough money. But people who earns RM20K a month also complains not enough money! It's never enough when they spend more than they earn!

I have friends who earn more than me but is poorer than me. They are in debt all the time even though they are earning twice as much as me! So the problem lies in the saving and budgeting part.

We should only spend on what we need rather than what we want. But of course, we should also occasionally indulge a little bit cos life's meant to be enjoyed! : )

Tekkaus said...

Gallivanter-->Haha =) Correct because I don't support UMNO!

Foongpc-->So perhaps there'll be Money Not Enough 3 huh? Yeah, without prudent planning we won't know where all the money have been. Worse still, we could be in the clutches of Ah Long if we are not careful!

Yeah! I agree. Sometimes we do need to pamper ourselves a wee bit...but don't too much lar~ :D

Anonymous said...

I am rich...but not in monetary terms! Some people are filthy rich, but they are not happy and do not have peace of what's the use?

Tekkaus said...

Suituapui-->True enough! Real wealth starts from inside. =)