Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seeking The Perfect Dog For You

This post is initiated for all canine lovers. Recently I have been reading lots of blogs with human's best friend in it-dogs. It seems that more and more bloggers are flaunting their cute sidekicks. So here am I trying to suggest some useful tips for searching your "soul mate"! Are you looking for a canine friend? Here's some scoops on selecting a breed for your lifestyle and needs. Yep! It's important to find one that complements you. So let's get the ball rolling...

German Shepherd

If it's a watchdog that you want, seek out a breed like German Shepherd or Leonberger. Both have the "plus factor" aka size to back up their bark. Not so watchful are Alaskan malamutes and Labrador retrievers.

Dalmations love swimming too?

Here's what I might need. For a long-distance-running companian, try a German short-haired pointer, Weimaraner or one of those 101 Dalmations. But do pass on pugs and pugs and bulldogs if you wish to jog along with them. Both pugs and bulldogs-when overheated can't breathe well through their pushed-in noses. The same applies for dachsunds. Their short legs simply aren't suited to marathons.

Basset hound: Your Hush Puppy!

Need a cuddling partner? A greyhound, basset hound or-if you have those damm big couch you can pick a New Found Land to snuggle up. And here are dogs that want their own private space: terriers, Akitas, and chow chows.

Isn't this Bichon Frise cute?

For those who are living in cramped quarters (apartment etc.), a bichon frise, papillon or lazy couch potatoes such as bulldog and basset hound is a good "fit". Likewise sharing a Neapolitan or Great Dane might be a tad too cozy.

Sneeze-free Portuguese Water Dog

If you are looking for allergy-friendly breeds, Poodles, Portuguese water dogs and wheaten terriers are good for you. But golden retrievers, Siberian huskies and collies are going to make you sneeze a lot. So do grab your tissues!

Collie-Your therapist.

Here's something new. If you find grooming to be rather therapeutic, consider an Old English sheepdog or collie. For low-maintenance hair-care, try a Doberman or a smooth-coated chihuahua. Or if you really, really wanna keep grooming simply...Mexican hairless must be your choice.

Well. I hope this post will help canine lovers understand more about their friends if they haven't. And for those 1st-timer looking for a new friend, this post could give you some helpful insights. Hmm...I kinda missed my late Brownie too. =(


Bengbeng said...

if i could afford n alsatian, i would get one immediately. has been my dream for ages. they r very high IQ, faithful, loyal, subservient to the master n excellent watchdogs

Tekkaus said...

Yupe! They are among the smartest and they have surely have the size factor to protect you. =)

cc said...

Dalmatians are really sophisticated looking.

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! They are. Perhaps it's those spots. Ha =)

s.kuan said...

i'd choose a shepard anytime!

Tekkaus said...

But I thought You already have a few right? Kobe?