Sunday, September 14, 2008

DiGi Covers Your From The Durians

Now that it's durian seasons, we really have to protect ourselves while picking up the durians at the orchards. Legend have it that durians have eyes, but some durians' eyesight are bad right? Who knows some of it might just give you a "head price"! But worry not, one of Malaysia's best telcos , DiGi, is offering free Personal Accident (PA) insurance coverage. Obviously this is DiGi's strategy to attract more subscribers and strenghten customer loyalty.

Stealing durians?

Now everyone can be covered for free and this spells not-so-good news for other insurance companies in Malaysia-except AIG. Yes DiGi's insurance coverage was underwritten by AIG. Nonetheless this is one great news for all DiGi's subscribers. Even those apeks and ahmah in kampung can be covered. And I expected stong take-up for the PA coverage. So still thinking about going to pick up some durians? Well, make sure you have activate your coverage. I have done mine. =)

Here's what DiGi can offer you:

~24 hours worldwide coverage against Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement.
~Coverage for all occupations.
~No age limit.
~All nationalities except Cubans.
~No nomination of beneficiary is required (default beneficiary to next of kin).
~A lump sum payment to help your family get back on their feet in the event of death.
~A lump sum payment to help you if you are unable to carry out work and/or normal day-to-day activities without assistance.

It's easy right? But there's some strings lar:

~You have a DiGi postpaid or prepaid line registered in your name.
~You have been with DiGi for a min. of 3 months (entitled in the following month).
~You have not accepted DiGi's Free PA insurance offer (one insurance per subscriber).

So have I activated yet? Of course. Since it's free and I have nothing to lose. Why not? Here's proof that I am not making up and neither is DiGi! Yes, within minutes, you'll get DiGi's instant approval! Heck they even include policy number.

So here's 3 ways for you to activate the FREE PA coverage from DiGi!


P.S. I wonder if Celcom and Maxis will follow suit? It's interesting to see the telcos try to outbeat each other. And in the end, we benefit! Muahaha! Hmm, maybe they'll throw in some durians when we reload. =)


foongpc said...

Haha! You are very creative with the title of this post! Linking durian and DIGI together - I like it! Where the heck you get the photo of those guys stealing durians? Did you google it? I wonder what's the words you key in for the search.
So now you are with DIGI? I've been with DIGI for so many years, I think I'm one of the most loyal subscriber. : )

Tekkaus said...

Thanks bro. Haha =) Because nowadays durian is so hot. About the photo I actually "Captured" it from the flash video on DiGi website. You are with DiGi too? good for you. And IMHO, DiGi will be gaining lots of momentum with this insurance coverage! Ha =)