Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Or Moon Festival if you prefer. Yes it's celebrated on the 15th of 8th Lunar Month of the Chinese Calender. So have you guys been munching on lots of moon cakes recently? Watch your sugar level ok. These sweeties will surely give you some sugar rush. Yes, even during the "ghost month", all the moon cakes manufacturers were already busy parading their moon cakes. We were simply spoilt for choices right? Every year different flavour and designs of moon cakes are being rolled out.

Bossacafez's Gems!

There is this green tea flavour, chocolate flavour, durian flavour, champagne snow skin (as mentioned by quachee), coffee flavour etc. Well, it's absolutely impossible for me to tell you guys everything. To find our more do check bossacafez out!

I wish I were a kid again!

Here's some history bite: Moon cake festival is a popular East Asian tradition of Chinese origin, dating back some 3000 years ago to worship moon during the China's Shang Dynasty. Yep! And my family do offer moon cakes to our Gods today! I still remember when I was younger, mommy would buy me lanterns to play. I would gather wound with my friends and we would brought along our lanterns and walked around our housing areas. It sure was fun. It bears a lot of meanings to me. Then later on after we've been around "patrolling" our neighbourhood, we would sit down and lit the candles while eating some moon cakes. I remembered that the lanterns that I used to play with were fish, dragon and boat. I even made one fish lantern for competition (but I flopped)!

Can I play?

Aw...those were the days! It's were heart-warming to reminisce about it. I'm already an adult, but frankly I don't mind to be seen walking around with lantern dangling on my hand. I thing it's really fun to be a "kid" again! Well, I have always been a very "think face" fella. So I don't mind those glaring eyes. Ok, I'm going to stop here. I bet some of you are eating your moon cakes . I am going to have some sugar spikes too. Nope, I'm not going to have those fancy moon cakes. Just the normal "tau sa" will do. =)


foongpc said...

Oh yes! Been eating mooncakes and more mooncakes these past few days. This year sort of hooked to jelly mooncakes - didn't know they taste so good! Must go for a workout today otherwise my belly will show! : )

Unknown said...

tau sar not bad too! haha. that one is funny. but wow, so many other types of mooncakes huh :)

Tekkaus said...

foongpc-->I can see your mooncake Tummy already. ha =) Yeah. Have input but then must also have output.

Quachee-->Haha =) I bet your champgne skin snow is 100x tastier huh! How I wish I can have a bite on it. LOL

molly said...

Wao, so colourful. I bought it too early this year, finished it in July. No more buying, too sweet.

cc said...

I want that gold fish lantern!!! :D