Monday, September 15, 2008

Watch: Why Every Man Want This Phone?

Good morning guys! It's Monday again and yes that means work again right? Here a video that might beat all the blues away! With regards to the title, yes! After watching this video you'll understand why every man would love (or die) to have this phone if what's happening in the video is to be believed. In this video you can see how a man uses his phone to "caress" a woman sleeping on her bed. Okay! Enough cats geeting out of the bag, check it out yourself. Hmm...sounds rather too good to be true huh! Watch the video to find out why, but don't let your mom catch you while you are up to "no good" okay! =)

Haha =) It was a great viral advert right? A brilliant idea from LG to target the males raging with testosterone right? How you wish there were really such a phone right? Anyway, besides this fabricated extra "feature"-caressing a woman through phone, LG's Secret is certainly a diamond in the rough. Just like its predecessors in the Black Series, Secret exudes so much style and personality. It's certainly for those who wants finer things in life and of course the price tag is a tad heavy for average Joe too. All in all, Secret is a must-have phone enriched with a plethora of functions and features. To find out more about LG's Secret, click here.

Your secret?

P.S.: Tekkaus will never advocate the abuse of phone for inappropriate use. The above ads is merely for commercial purposes.


foongpc said...

Yes, very brilliant ad! I like the way they end the ad with the girl putting her finger to her lips as a sign for keeping it a secret - which of course is related to LG Secret. I don't mind buying the phone if it really have this capability. LOL

Tekkaus said...

Wow! If Secret really have such capabilities, it would be banned. Ha =) Yeah. I don't mind to buy such phone too if I have deep pocket.