Monday, August 25, 2008

Tomorrow: Anwar Vs Arif Showdown

Based on the poll that I've conducted, it seems very lightly that PKR will retain its Permatang Pauh seat. With an overwhelming 90% votes that goes Anwar's way, Arif looks rather too lightweight for Anwar. All in all, it seems Anwar is on his way into parliament again...IF the votes I received represents Permatang Pauh's voters of course. So there's still a glimpse of chance for underdog Arif (BN) and spoiler-Hanafi from AKIM.

I'm ready. See you guys tomorrow.

As tomorrow's by-election enters its final day, BN and PKR will surely be firing full cylinders for their last dicth effort to woo voters especially the fence-sitters. In the last two weeks we have seen both Anwar and Arif do whatever they can to garner more support. From home-to-home visits, to mamak stalls and ceramahs. And temper even flares between them. Election workers from both BN and PKR scuffled this morning at Seberang Jaya food court while Barisan election workers were distributing election VCDs. Come on guys?

The overwhelming victor!

Moving on, former Anwar's favourite boy, Ezam and Anwar's tennis partner,Nallakaruppan, have been lending heavy support to the BN campaign and have made startling revelations against the PKR leader. Naturally, both of them have been receiving all sorts of threats including death threats. Well, seems that Anwar really wants to be the PM at all cost, including killing his achilees heels? Moreover, yesterday there were 200 PKR members who QUITED PKR as they have lost their confidence in Anwar. Will this affect Anwar's chance?

Arif still got time for Nasi Kawah?

Both sides have been seeking divine help by holding prayers in mosque. Will it work? So who will God help this time around? Hanafi from AKIM? With allegations of money voting, threats, sabotaj, phantom voters being hurled around against each other, tomorrow's showdown promises to be nothing less than enormous. Just hope that all sides keep their temper and behaviour in check!

Will tomorrow's election result determine the fate of whole Malaysia? Who will win? Anwar? Arif? Or Hanafi? We will know all the answers very, very soon...