Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic Flashback: Plastic Surgery Anyone?

When Lin MiaoKe sang Ode to the Motherland during the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony, everyone thought she was simply perfect...she looks flawless and "can" really sing. The 9 years-old MioKe donning a red dress and white shoes singing a patriotic ballad before approximately 1 billion viewers had really swept all the audiences off the floor. Everyone thought that she is a superstar in the making! She was immortalised!

MiaoKe: The face you saw...

Everything about MiaoKe is perfect except that she can't sing that well. And the voice that all of us heard was actually a recording of 7-year-old Yang PeiYi. Under intense pressure from China's highest level officials to find that <span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_4">IFINGER</span> - The New Oxford Thesaurus of English , © Oxford University Pressquintessential face and voice, the ceremonies’ production team surmised that the best possible remedy was to use 2 girls instead of one. It's all because of national reason. WHAT?

PeiYi: The voice you heard...

And one more thing...maybe even MiaoKe didn't know about it. Wow! If MiaoKe really know about this, I guess she'll have a tough time ahead. IMHO, this does not bode well for MiaoKe's future. How bout PeiYi's feeling then? On Monday, Peiyi appeared on China Central Television. “I’m O.K. with it, my voice was used in the performance. I think that’s enough.” PeiYi told her interviewers. What will you feel if you were in their shoes?

Adorable angels: victims of perfection!

I guess later on, a lot of parents will be saving money for their children. And banks will be coming out with new saving products. No, it's not for educational purposes. But for their children to have plastic surgery later in their live. I heard the Koreans are doing so. So it's not such a big deal. Sometimes talent alone is enough. It (really) pays to be great looking! And the Opening Ceremony in Beijing witnessed by almost 1 billion viewers could testify this truth: Looks count!

By the way, here's a movie which I think the Chinese gets their lip-sync idea from-2000 Pounds of Beauty. It's about Hanna, a lip sync vocalist for Ammy, the famous Korean pop singer. Even though Hanna is always ignored due to her appearance, she has been a bright and lighthearted girl until Ammy humiliates her in front of Sang-jun, Hanna's secret love. At last Hanna makes a decision of a lifetime to have plastic surgery all over her body.

2000 Pounds of Beauty is one whackily-funny and in the same time touching movie. Watch it! But first you'll need to sign up as a CrunchyRoll member.


Unknown said...

read that she might sing in the finals heh? it will be good if they let her :)

foongpc said...

Too bad in the real world, looks do matter. You can be very talented but without the looks, you may still not make it as a star. You may be famous and probably have some fans, but cannot rival one with both looks and talent. However, if you have looks but no talent, you can still make it as a star with the right marketing but your star power will be shortlived.

Tekkaus said...

quachee-->sing in the finals? Hope so. Poor girl. What to do.

fongpc-->yes! Looks count in this life. Most of us do take into account the cover of the books before reading the content. That's why there are lots of movies gracing the cinema with nice posters and trailers but without real "content" in it. =/